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Swine Flu Jab

Hi, could anyone tell me if they have had problems with the swine flu jab. As I my claim with the Vaccine Damage Unit is now going to Tribunal.

This is what happend to me.

I went form work on the 11th of Jan 2010 to have my Asthma review, I had that and all was well no problems.

At the end of the review I was given the swine flu jab ( one jab only not the three jabs ) and went home, they did say I might get stiff arms and might feel unwell over the next few days. Buy the Thursday my arms were stiff and I did feel unwell and breathless.

Just thought this is normal as they said, Sunday came and I decided to go to hospital, I had been to hospital before and had a nebulizer but was never admitted this time they said they would keep me in for a few days. That was Sunday the 17th of Jan 2010 buy Monday the 18th of Jan 2010 I was blue lighted to Kinsgmill Hospital put on ICU requiring ventilation with type two respiratory failure. During this time I suffered a myocardial infarction (NSTEMI ) my echocardiogram has confirmed severe hypokinesia of the basal inferior septal wall of the left ventricle and an estimated ejection fraction of 50% with no chamber enlargement ( before this I had no heart problems and was working full-time ). Now I can not work at all and can not have a flu jab as it contains swine flu both my Doctor and respiratory consultant Dr Noor have said my next infection may well be my last.


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So sorry to read of your plight, we think my dads condition has worsened since he had the jab last year. He has pulmonary fibrosis and even his consultant said today that it could have caused his decline but we will never know. He also said that in his case there is no proof that the jab is a benefit and admitted that he had never had the jab himself!

Thanks for that Tanyamarie and sorry about your Dad. My Doctor and consultant will not give me the Flu jab as it has Swine flu in it for the past two years.

It's finding one who will take it on. I've done most of the work for them they said I would not get this far.

Tryed most with ads on tv, no one will take it on to much like hard work. Yet I have got it to Tribunal.

wish you the best of luck in this fight. how appalling to have something to protect and to find it makes things worse !

What does BLF suggest - to have or not to have swine flu jab ?

Hi, and thanks for that, if anyone has had the flu jab for the last two years, they have nothing to worry about as swine flu has been in the flu jab for the last two years. I can not have the flu jab until they take it out, I was just one of the unlucky ones.

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