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Going to start and get myself motivated this week and get out walking so I can go back to work. At the minute can only manage about half what I am used to doing, always have trouble with infections knocking me back.This is usual for me but gets harder each time so tomorrow going out to The Old Mill at Consett with my daughter and Graham and will start walking a little further each day. Hoping to go back to work a week on Wednesday after the bank holidays, I can I will be going back to work thinking positive today. Val

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All good wishes to you Val, just don't walk out in this heat, early early morning or evening, carry with you water and inhalers. Enjoy.


also take with you mobile phone.

Will do thank you they wouldn't let me out by myself at the minute - Graham & Leanne x

All the very best Val, very good advice from Zoe, just be sensible and take it slowly, a little at a time.

Best wishes

Jo :-)

Will do Jo don't want to over do it Val x

Thanks Stitch supposed to be cooling down after tomorrow until the weekend - watch this space ha ha Val x

For anyone who has ever felt that it is all too much effort - you know like after a really bad exacerbation when we feel like each step is a step too far - watch this lady - incredible! :)

She was in ICU for several weeks with Respiratory failure and sepsis. (if you take cursor to top right corner it should tell you)

You think you have problems until you see others worse off than yourself. Makes me want to get up and go it will not get me down! I can do it and I will do it ! Many thanks Val

Good luck and just a little at a time and build up your stamina. It is such an effort though - and my husband is struggling to get back on the excercise regime. Much easier to find valid reasons not to! So good on you - take it easy though! TAD xx

Will do, work keeps me going I want to get back a week on Wednesday if I can the week after I have 2 hospital appointments one at my local hospital one at the Freeman. Need to get out and about :) Val

Didn't get to walk far today just far to hot! Val

Val you have my utter admiration for even trying in all that heat! Perhaps you should settle for some indoor exercise until the weather breaks in your neck of the woods? Other than that, keep it up - it really is 'use it or lose it' with us isn't it! P. x

Yes you need to keep as active as you can, cooler here today but will be staying in doors still could have a go at the Wii fit ha ha Val x

Good luck Val, your a very determind lady, and an inspiration, you go girl go !!!! though like some have pointed out, and your wise enough to know, choose a cooler time of day, make it a much nicer walk for you all.

Thinking of you.

Thanks Val x

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