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Did you know

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Omicron ( the new covid variant) is an anagram of moronic , just a thought .

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That’s quite some thought Dave xxx😘👍

soulboy118 profile image
soulboy118 in reply to sassy59

They are just playing with us now carole x

sassy59 profile image
sassy59 in reply to soulboy118

It’s driving me mad, that much is true xxx😡🤬

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Davegt in reply to soulboy118

I wish it was just a game but sadly it isn't. So many people have lost their lives including NHS staff. This variant has 32 mutations in the spike protein and it is thought to be the most transmissable yet. At the moment, the efficacy of all vaccines against this latest variant is uncertain.

Now … I had to google that as I didn’t know what it was



Learn to pronounce


very foolish or stupid.

"television's latest moronic soap opera"

Omg!!!! Really clever!!! Although it means the opposite

Oh heck I realise google changed the I for an o interesting 🤨

I just got that this morning kate


I know I am a pedant! The word is moronic but I get your drift.

soulboy118 profile image
soulboy118 in reply to Littlepom

My spelling sorry lp

Oh heck it is o and not I so my first relies is so true

I feel so down reading about this new variant. 😓 And so tired. xx

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Hanne62 in reply to Caspiana

Me too. Many of us have limited years ahead, compared with our contemporaries. I don’t want to spend my time like this 😩

Caspiana profile image
Caspiana in reply to Hanne62

Exactly my fear as well. My transplant friend and I talk about this a lot. 😓 We don't have the time left to be restricted like this. Which sounds selfish I know. xx 😔

Alberta56 profile image
Alberta56 in reply to Caspiana

It's not at all selfish.

Caspiana profile image
Caspiana in reply to Alberta56

Thank you Alberta. xx 😘

Firefly25 profile image
Firefly25 in reply to Caspiana

Not selfish at all - I totally empathise and agree!🌷 Signs of hope though- scientists are already working on tweaking the vaccines 🤞😊xx

Caspiana profile image
Caspiana in reply to Firefly25

That's very good news firefly 😊👋. However, this situation is not going to improve until the world's poorest countries get the vaccine. It will just keep mutating where it finds the chance. Boosters and all that are reassuring for us, but I wish they could be vaccinated too, they need protection too and realistically, it's the only way to stop mutations. xx

CDPO16 profile image
CDPO16 in reply to Caspiana

Not selfish at all Cas. The pandemic has had an adverse effect on so many of us with advanced lung disease. Our lives were already very limited by illness.

The scientists are on it though and it is best that we know about the variant and can continue to be careful. Unfortunately I think this virus will be around in one form or another for a long time yet but hope I'm wrong.

Caspiana profile image
Caspiana in reply to CDPO16

Hello Carole, 😊

It will be here forever probably. My worry is these mutations will not stop until the world's most deprived countries are also fully vaccinated. It will just continue to mutate. xx 😔

CDPO16 profile image
CDPO16 in reply to Caspiana

I think that you are right Cas sadly xx

Tykelady profile image
Tykelady in reply to Hanne62

I thought the same when I heard. I should be grateful for the medication and oxygen that keeps me going and perhaps, but for all the depressing news, I would be. Now I look out and it's snowing. Do I put snow chains on my walker?

Me too Cas , I’m always advocating PMA but my goodness we are being tested now. ! I was so looking forward to having six close family over between Christmas and New year , it would be the first time in almost two years there has been more than two visitors in our home at one time (and that very , very rarely) but now I’m just worried about putting Geoff at risk 🤦🏻‍♀️ I suppose the way things are going the problem might be taken out of my hands and we will all be isolating anyway 😢. Still, we must try to stay mentally strong , nothing lasts forever ( although COVID is trying its best 😡) Sending much love and hugs to you and everyone else deflated by this latest news ❤️💙🥰 Things WILL get better xxxx

Hello 👋😊

I fear the swift change back to masks are mandatory" in the U.K. does not bode well for the Christmas season. Boris has said you are all back on mask duty on Tuesday. I can't understand why wait till Tuesday? Why not with immediate effect??

I understand your concerns about Geoff. I have avoided meeting people even vaccinated ones. 🤔 The truth is these mutations will not stop till the world's most deprived are all vaccinated too. These mutations are thriving because the uneveness of vaccinations across the globe. I'm no expert , but vaccination for small children and a booster for us, I'm not sure that those aren't better used on the countries that have no vaccines. In the end it might save us all. xx 🌱🌿🍃

I agree Cas , the world has become one big city and everyone ,regardless of the country they live in ,needs to be vaccinated if we’re to beat COVID or indeed any pandemic of the future Plus tho’ it was right to get our own house in order in the beginning, two years on from a purely humanitarian point of view it’s time the affluent countries give more thought to those who don’t have the same resources xx

cindyching profile image
cindyching in reply to Caspiana

Me too, Cas. With all the bad news we hear on a daily basis, it can be quite easy to think about giving up on mankind.

soulboy118 profile image
soulboy118 in reply to Caspiana

Covid fatigue C. I think we a have it .

teenieleek profile image
teenieleek in reply to Caspiana

Me too. I’ve felt low today. I don’t think we’re ever going to get off this (less than) merry-go-round. This virus is stealing years from us.

Hanne62 profile image
Hanne62 in reply to teenieleek

It is, it’s very sad. The things which bring light to our already difficult lives - playing with our grandchildren, little trips to café or shops with a friend, basic human contact! - are the very things the pandemic has denied us. It doesn’t seem much to ask of people - get the jabs and wear a mask, please, for all our sakes.

Caspiana profile image
Caspiana in reply to teenieleek

Exactly right. Every year I used to travel to Yokohama to see the Christmas lights and decorations. I haven't seen them for two years now. I thought I could this year. Although there are no reports of the new variant here yet, I am certain it is already circulating. xx 😟

Omicron is the letter O in Greek. No idea if that has any bearing on it 🤷🏻‍♀️

I don’t see that as an anagram. Omicron has 2 ‘O’s and only 1 ‘i’.

soulboy118 profile image
soulboy118 in reply to Tempo57

Misspelt tempo ,my fault

Mironić is a village in the municipality of Aerodrom, Serbia. According to the 2002 census, the village has a population of 99 people.

😃 you learn something new every day tho’ I expect that figures changed one way or another 🤔

I would think that number has changed as the census was 19 years ago. 😀

If only the Greeks had known, and that the letter Xi might offend someone!

The positive seems to be that the form of illness with Omicron is mild so hopefully it is not an increased threat. The problem seems to be its transferability so mask wearing and social distancing remains our protection. What’s new?Grace

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