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Wood burner damage.


In a major article about pollution caused by wood burners on page 3 of the Guardian newspaper this morning there was not the slightest mention of the damage done to people with Asthma and COPD by this pollution.

On page 11 of the same paper, an article by author Ian Rankin asks the the question 'why are disabled people routinely ignored?'

Wonderful journalism!

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Oh goodness me! That’s shocking micox. Never mind people who struggle to breathe eh? Xxxx

Couldn’t agree more. This is a huge public health issue. My life is blighted by my next door neighbours’ (both sides) wood burners. No smoke control zones as it’s a rural area. Do they not realise rural areas also have rows of terraced houses that sit in valleys and people with breathing problems? I can smell it in my house with all the windows and doors shut so I dread to think what it’s doing to my and my son’s lungs (an asthmatic too).

If you raise it in general conversation you’re a killjoy or it’s none of my business what other people do in their homes or ‘you can’t ban everything’. Sorry for the rant but it really is something I get a bee in my bonnet about! And relax.

Jaybird19 in reply to Artichokes

just sitting in room with all windows closed and could smell smoke , not cigarette smoke this time but bomfire smoke, and its raining . Cannot see where from ,. and next door has just acquired an incinerator bin with chimney in garden. only about 30 ft upwind from my sitting room windows not looking forward to summer.

barbs47 in reply to Artichokes

Hi Artichokes I have the same problem. My neighbour has a wood burner and I can smell it with my door and windows closed. It’s awful when my son comes in the evening he only unlocks the door and comes in but the fumes from next door fill my home. I do not understand why the government don’t do something about them. It’s a known fact the pollution they cause. The powers that be are on about vehicle fumes all the time and yet do not do anything about this pollutant. I’ve joined your rant as it really gets to me. Barbs x

Because we are ignored everywhere. I have found the same in shops.

Damon1864Volunteer in reply to hypercat54

I agree I often get ignored, I just hope these people never feel the way they make us feel. Have a good night and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

It takes a lot of fuss by the media to make people aware of the effects of their own actions. I remember various issues, eg. the use of asbestos, which were widely ignored until the press got hold of them.

I sympathise with you. Being anywhere near a log burner affects me badly. My daughter had to get rid of hers!

Lets hope other newspapers join the fight as well. Maybe they could also cover bonfires, barbeques and those summer chimney things as well!

The biggest scandal of air pollution in decades & pretty much ignored by the Guardian & every other MSM outlet was the EU praise of German diesel cars with false emission tests , unfortunately because of blind ideologies it was swept under the carpet as quickly as possible no arrests nothing yet millions were subjected to dangerous levels of diesel fumes . Wonderful journalism & Guardian don't belong in the same sentence btw if it did people would read it .

Yes, I saw that too Micox, and thought exactly the same! Guardian usually good, but this is awful. Thank goodness bit warmer now so let’s hope for far fewer wood burners.

Absolutely agree will all of you. My mother had a lovely flat with a coastal view, but houses from some distance have their log burners etc. and you cannot open the balcony windows to breathe the fresh air from the sea. I have the same problem where I live - it is from holiday cottages some distance away.I know smoking is bad and those of us who do or did smoke have been subjected to huge amounts of criticism from the public and press, but it is ironical that some of the same people are in love with their stinking wood burners etc. - hypocrisy?

Just got rid of my coal a wood burner had it about 10 years did not realise that it would affect my bronchiectasis not to good naw wish I had realised this

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