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A Strange COPD Review

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Normally I see the practice nurse but this year all that changed,

I had a Telephone appointment with a COPD PHARMACIST for my annual COPD review - Never heard of them.

Has anyone else had a COPD PHARMACIST for their annual review?

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Not not heard of a pharmacist doing a COPD review, they do however review medications with you and can advise on how to properly use inhalers.

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Ern007 in reply to Bkin

It was a full revue bar the peak flow ect, I was sent a form to fill before he phones, about mood, and how mobile I was. It was very strange.

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Bkin in reply to Ern007

That is odd, my surgery has only done a telephone review for me this year without any spirometry and I provided blood pressure and weight information. Plus blood oxygen and pulse.

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Ern007 in reply to Bkin

Exactly Bkin - What is the point with no spirometry? You can phone in BP, 02 and Pulse rate yourself. For that matter include Peak flow, they are only cheap to buy.

Hi Ern007, I have always had my COPD review with the Pharmacist. I was diagnosed with COPD 10 years ago, only once seen the doctor and that was the one that made the diagnosis. The pharmacist told me if I had any problems, chest infection s, problems with inhalers I was to make an appointment to see her. I haven't been seen or referred to a doctor. (The pharmacist appears to know more about it than the doctor) she would have no hesitation in sending for the doctor if she wasn't happy about my condition. Hope this helps. Stay safe.

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Ern007 in reply to mcafferty70

Hi, I had never heard of a COPD review with a pharmacist before this year, was always the chest sister or nurse. How did you go one with Spirometry to get your lung function?

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mcafferty70 in reply to Ern007

Hi Ern007, The pharmacist works at the doctors surgery. There is a room for her use, containing all that is required for a review. There is a computerised machine for checking lung functions. She also checks weight, O2 etc. Stay safe.

I was supposed to have a review by telephone by the pharmacist...not the normal respiratory nurse. nothing was asked for in advance ie peak flow etc...but the day before it was cancelled ..that was a week ago....but i have heard nothing since

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Ern007 in reply to ledge

ledge - You need to phone and see why, you have not had a review, they are important as they tell you are you stable or worse.

What's an manual review I've never had one in twenty years just medication reviews

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Ern007 in reply to kathbrad3

Hi kathbrad3 -Annual review is normally every autumn with me - For a start I get a lung function to see how good or bad my lungs are working, also to see if there are issues caused by COPD - This is apart from a general medication review COPD nurse can change inhalers and see your mood. Not sure why you don't have one, because not sure what you have and how bad you are,, If you have COPD, IMO an eye should be kept on you.

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kathbrad3 in reply to Ern007

I have severe copd

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Ern007 in reply to kathbrad3

Well I am no doctor but, I would have though with "severe COPD" you would be getting a yearly review to see how you are managing. I am surprised.

you really need a regular review. Do you have no insurace?

My doctor/ nurse doesn't do a review for bronch and as the hospital have discharged me, it seems I am looking after myself x

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Ern007 in reply to Izb1

Well could it be because of COVID - In effect I have been discharged as I have what I have and going to hospital more will change nothing, I do get an annual review via mt GP, so I would have though you should also. Good luck and ask why no review .

I recently had a copd telephone review but it was with the nurse i usually see

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Ern007 in reply to LittlePaws

Thant's as it should be IMO

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LittlePaws in reply to Ern007

Yes i think so too

Well, really... Perhaps I should be grateful, then, even for the confused communications at my own practice, resulting in them booking me in for a telephone COPD review, that the specialist chest nurse was not aware of. Etc. When she did talk to me, paid little attention to deterioration in breathing & did not have access to results of recent, Dr arranged, chest X-ray.

We soldier on! Best wishes.

Unbeknown to me, until sorting my CEV status, that our GP surgery has an in house Pharmacist.

He rang me to apologise for the mistake and put me on the Gov list after a relief doctor told me I wasn’t eligible.

He has also phoned regularly during shielding to see if I’m OK too, which I thought was very efficient and tbh found reassuring too.

Hope your Pharmacist is as thorough after your review too.

Stay safe and well everyone!! Xx

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