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Can Found professional Fitness trainer to help in saving PE patients fitness and improve it?


As a newer PE patient who was playing Fitness and now feeling all of my hard work disappear, is there any chance we can keep save and same time keep a little fitness to help improve feeling

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Hi the blf has exercise videos on thear site but please check with your gp or consultant before you start any new exercise programme or ask about a pulmonary rehab class, alot of areas are doing them online now.🏃‍♂️

Kooko in reply to corriena

Many thanks 🙏 for your advice

Please get advice from your health professional first, but I have just seen a TV advert ....exercise for those managing a long term health condition .

We Are Undefeatable .

But get advice from your gp or nurse first.

Take care .

Kooko in reply to knitter

Thanks a lot 🌺

When I left the hospital after I had my pe back in 2017 I had asked the nurse about safe exercises to do and she had asked what did I have in mind and I had said about walking which she said was fine to have started asap but to stop if I felt unwell or was puffed.

Kooko in reply to catgirl1976

Thanks a lot

Be safe

Brisk walking is great. It's free and you can control the amount, intensity and duration.

Kooko in reply to Ergendl

Thanks for your advice 🌺

I don't know what a pe is, so my history may be pretty irrelevant to you, but here goes. I had a heart bypass in 2014 and was sent for cardiac rehab, which involved what seemed like pretty vigorous exercise. At least it convinced you you weren't going to drop dead if you did the washing up. I joined exercise classes twice a week and felt fine until I developed bronchiectasis. Last year I was offered a course of pulmonary rehab, which involved- surprise, surprise- quite vigorous exercise. The health professionals seem keen on exercise whatever condition you've got. Ask your health pros about it-pulmonary rehab is brilliant if you can get it. I'm currently walking, to try to get back the fitness which disappeared in the summer when I was ill. Sometimes fitness seems like a game of snakes and ladders- you get so far, then , whoosh, you fall down a nasty snake and you have to start again.

Hope your team give you the go-ahead, then good luck. Hope the snakes will keep out of your way. Ps. it's slow work, but worth it.

Kooko in reply to Alberta56

Many thanks 🙏 for your advice

Hope you always be safe

I too was sent to pulmonary rehab. (Well, dragged kicking and screaming!) I now do yoga, pilates and go to the gym. Did virtual classes but now venturing back to leisure centre. As long as instructor is properly trained and aware of your condition, and gp says it's ok, I think exercise is beneficial.

Cor! Impressed ! Pilates is beyond me.

The pilates I do is deceptively gentle, untill I try to move several hours later!🤣 My class used to be on a Friday and was my 'reward ' for being active during the week.

My pilates lady believed in very vigorous work outs. Even fitter people than me said so, but she was very nice. My leisure centre is in the same building as a school and the kids used to use the appliances Don't know if they still do, but I'm dubious about going back.

Thanks a lot 💐

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