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Getting used to stuff!!


I was just thinking 🤔 how quickly we get used to things. Last year I could do just about anything I wanted! Now I use a wheelchair & oxygen but do t much think about it just accept this is how it is now! Don’t know how long this will last x

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You’re right Looseloafers, we’re quite an adaptable species on the whole. I must say that Pete has struggled at times with not being able to do things but he knows to pace himself now.

Take care xxx😀😘🌈

Looseloafers in reply to sassy59

Yes I find the best way is to pace myself and have strategic chairs to sit on quickly haha 🤣

Hello Looseloafers , 👋😊

We who are chronically ill are for the most part resilient. We adapt for better and worse. I think there are days we manage really well with new circumstances, and days we don't. It's important to have emotional support as well as physical for those days when it's harder.💓 Please take things slow and take good care of yourself.

Cas xx 🙋

Thank you! You too x

It is difficult I am a different person from just over a year ago not able to do so much

Have to keep plugging away! X

Morning Loose, I'm with you there, these past few Months have been Physically & Mentally Exhausting. Oxygen 24/7 now, Trying to find a way to get back to myself, I always have Planned ahead, Now it is planning to make a Cuppa. We shall do it Hun. Stay safe and Think Positive, We are here for each other. Much Love. C. XXX

Make the best of it & keep trying 😳xx

Good days and not so good . Keep planning.

I wish I could say that I adapt well,I dont! Lockdown has depressed me so much added to a loss of activity and my old way of life. I have to purposefully tell myself off and remind myself that there are people a lot worse off!

Yes lockdown has a lot to answer for but keep trying 😃😃xx

Gladwyn in reply to Aingeful

I am glad lockdown happened...if it hadn’t I might have been just a statistic now. Think of all the lives we all helped save by staying indoors for a while! I’m ducking for cover now lol!

Aingeful in reply to Gladwyn

My doctor said that some of his patients were enjoying lockdown .We are all different? I am missing my friends badly and the groups etc that I went to. However,I see my family whenever they can manage it. Healthwise I have felt worse since lockdown, probably not got enough going on to take my mind off my ailments! X

Gladwyn in reply to Aingeful

I’m sorry it has affected you like that. It was easy for me as I’m mainly always on my own with just my husband. I really hope you’ll soon feel better. 💐🍀xx

Keep your chin up Looseloafers and stay positive x

Hi Loose. i know the feeling-been there, done that. It doesn't seem so long ago I was doing pilates (pilates!) I have occasional moments of raging, but why not.

Hope you are soon back in a better place. Best wishes, Alberta

It’s the fact that I’m not going to get better and I’m way past a nice cup of tea & a good nights sleep will sort it! that really gets me down sometimes but keep trying I have a lot to be thankful for xx

You sound very brave.

Haha 😂 not really just try not to look too far ahead! I’m whistling 😗 in the dark a lot of the time xx

Catnip in reply to Looseloafers

This time last year, the hospice doctor said I had "probably less than a year--maybe six months". I don't get far because I need 15 litres O2, hate the wheelchair. Still, we're planning for my June birthday now. Like you, I get really down, but I'm blessed with a circle of wonderful friends and keep up "the act" for them :). Blessings abound.

Looseloafers in reply to Catnip

Bl***y good for you! Keep going you can do this 🥰🥰🥰

I am just starting my oxygen journey have lived with 89% Sats for over a year I virtually can do nothing I hope the oxygen helps xx

It helps me but I still have to pace myself! Chin up & keep going x

Catnip in reply to shadow4me


The oxygen should help, but you're not going to be doing marathons in the near future. I've had oxygen for maybe 10 years now, in increasing volume and time. It's 5 litres sedentary now, 15 on activities-- but if you are like me, you will need time to get the "order" right: turn up volume and oxygenate, do whatever, sit and relax, turn volume down. I still make a mollock of that... Things get better -- relatively speaking!



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