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First do no harm


I saw this post today, reposted by a nurse! I know they don’t all follow or agree with this, but what if we get the one that does? We are trusting these people with our lives and depend on them to be sensible and protect us. I’d like to say this was a one off post, sadly it isn’t.

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No there are many who feel that way Jandm. I’m not terrified but find covid scary. It hardly touches some yet badly affects others. It’s a bit like a lottery really but I’m not a gambler. Pete and I will try and stay safe. Hope you do too. Xxx

skischool in reply to sassy59

i am a gambler.but wise gamblers leave the table when the odds are stacked against them and retire to their semi in greater manchester for the forseeable future or at least until the odds are in their favour. :) xx

Yatzy in reply to skischool

Very wise. Bet you won your bet yesterday though when CP won??

skischool in reply to Yatzy

Actually i bet on a draw so i lost as i did today with my team with the same result :(

Yatzy in reply to skischool

Think a draw with the champs was a bit optimistic but you just never know. Our lot seemed to have got out of bed on the wrong side, though I only saw MOD. ;-)

skischool in reply to Yatzy

Early days and expect strange results for the first few games,new players need to settle in,some take time to gel and now is not the time to worry or indeed bet on the outcomes as i have found to my expense both here and abroad. :) x

Katinka46 in reply to skischool

I haven’t the faintest idea what you are talking about. Sheer gobbledygook.

Love from a totally baffled Kate and an indifferent Zebra xxx


As a wise man 🤠 once said:

You gotta know when to hold'em,

Know when to fold 'em,

Know when to walk away,

Know when to run.

You don't count your money when you're sitting at the table

There'll be time enough for counting

When the dealing's done.

Good one, HH 😂

Like it HH ,my cousin used to be a supervisor for dealers in the Playby club and i often think of her wise words of wisdom when it comes to walking away.:)

Just been listening to that song in sunny Bitez turkey !☀️⛱️🍸

sassy59 in reply to skischool

Good idea skis. Xxx😘

I don’t know if you know this person. On her profile she has no places of work and her posts seem to be occupied with getting in as much alcohol as possible before curfew. It certainly does not say that she is a nurse. If she is, she should be ashamed.

Ignore her

Caspiana in reply to Littlepom

Not much of substance "up there" I must say. 😕

Littlepom in reply to Caspiana

About right. 😂

Jandm in reply to Littlepom

I didn’t read about the author, but I know that it was reposted by a practicing nurse. I wouldn’t want caring for by someone like this and I wouldn’t want my partner having to work with someone like this either. Hospitals are graded into how safe they are presently. 2.5% of surgical patients will develop covid regardless of all precautions, 20% will die as a result....these are the odds in a covid secure hospital, what if she worked there? How would our odds be calculated then?

Caspiana in reply to Jandm

Are you sure she's a nurse? It's seems like a careless move to post this and have it floating all over the internet possibly causing her trouble with patients and her supervisors. However, like I said not much up there. And some, just love the spotlight on social media. Good or bad. xx 😔

Jandm in reply to Caspiana

Positive and I agree...not the wisest move

Littlepom in reply to Jandm

We really don't need this kind of thing when people are anxious. I don't know if it was reposted on to your newsfeed but I would have deleted it and blocked their posts.

Jandm in reply to Littlepom

Well and truly blocked

Littlepom in reply to Jandm


Bkin in reply to Jandm

Why even bother contemplating that, why even bother posting this, its obviously a hoax FB post. No place for it here.

I see that this was re posted by a nurse. Even more stupid!

I wonder if the nurse was bona fide and if so, I wonder if she works fighting for the life of those in intensive care at an NHS hospital. Me thinks not. Of course it could have been a USA trump supporter nurse, that would make sense ;)

Jandm in reply to Bkin

Definitely a bona fide nurse which makes that attitude a bit more scary for those of us who rely on the nhs

Bkin in reply to Jandm

doubt that very much, I found her profile and that post on FB of 2 days ago, the statement is actually a jpg image, so who do you think is the bona fide nurse? and why would she post a jpg of her words? I would say the profile is false. That person could have stolen the name and profile image, it really is not appropriate to post here.

Jandm in reply to Bkin

I’d love to say that that was true, but I know the person who reposted it and to say I was bitterly disappointed in their attitude was a bit of an understatement. So I blocked them and deleted them.

Bkin in reply to Jandm

just as well with those troll like tendencies

The sad thing is you don’t need sport stadiums or leisure centres to have a life full of enjoyment and freedom. You can get busy living just being at home, out in the garden, talking to a friend on the phone or standing in the rain cuddling your sheep. You don’t need organised events to get busy living. Life is too short to not live it, but at the moment personally I’d rather be content staying close to home and having the freedom to hopefully stay well and healthy, than exercise my freedom to travel and risk the chance of getting this virus. I don’t see that as living in fear, just living, and hopefully continuing to do so 🐑

I agree. No need for pubs, restaurants, concerts, raves or any of that nonsense. There are so many ways to have an interesting and decent life without even spending money. And cuddling sheep sounds nice 😁 but not the rain. xx 😊💓

Totally agree. X

Well, I say trust half of what the medical profession advocates, blindly and without reservation, as I believe they actually are right, at least half the time.

The other half of the time, trust them not nearly so much as they can and do make major mistakes, are sometimes (often?) out of date, unduly influenced by advocacy groups (such as Big Pharma, Big Dairy, the Beef/Cattle industry, our governments, etc.), and well, for expediency's sake tend to try to fit everyone into one diagnosis whenever that can be seen as 'acceptable'.

Of course, without educating yourself, you may be clueless as to whether this is the time to trust blindly or not be quite so trusting.

Don't be afraid to use common sense, and I urge that for potentially deadly (to you, to others) decisions, behave conservatively and 'err on the side of caution' as best you can.

I agree the virus is here until a working vaccine. I will remain cautious & wear masks. Wash hands & avoid many areas. I’m not going to take chances. Many who get the virus have permanent organ damage. Then some are sick for months. I will be waiting for a safe vaccine.

I have seen numerous posts like this. Many from the tin foil hat crowd that believes Covid is a hoax etc. I very much doubt that this person is a nurse. I have challenged many from the Facebook school of medicine and never found one who actually had any qualifications.

Yeah take a chance if you feel lucky but do you take a chance with peoples lives personally i dont think so.

Johnson has ballsed this up so far or has he its the people who dont keep there distance they go abroad bring it back here all for a poxy sun tan

Ban street parties what happens some mob wanna prove a point and throw missiles at the police not Johnsons fault

Well thats my thoughts for the day my friends

Have a nice day

Not all nurses are "Angels"! When I was in hospital with pneumonia last year I was discussing the flu vaccine with a male nurse

He said he had never had it and wouldn't touch it with a barge pole!When I said that I had previously thought like that but had had the vaccine at Christmas. His reply was"yes,and look at you now"! A very irresponsible remark to make to someone on a chest ward? I didnt report him but with hindsight I should have done!

Littlepom in reply to Aingeful

Yes you should have done, the fool!

I don’t think our chances are 44 million to 1 and recovery would not rest on i: 100 chance of recovery.

Having spent over 70 years restricted by health in things i can do, I will not be following this advice. This person does not deserve the profession she is is following, so let her attend her concerts and ‘enjoy herself.

The vulnerable people on this site are doing more to help the situation by shielding than her doctrine will ever deliver.


The big problem I see with people who say - I'll take the chance, the odds are in my favour, I'm not stopping what I normally do. They forget the other side of the equation. If they do become ill with Covid then become very ill they still expect the NHS to fix their problem. There is a cost to society of restricted freedom there is also a cost to allowing gyou the chance to become ill. The chance to infect and potentially kill others. Personally I'll take a reduction in freedom until a vaccine arrives.

'To quote Shawshank' Covid is a real life/death not a work of fiction

Does she not wear a seatbelt then? Or not look when she crosses the road? Open her front door at midnight to a knock on the door? Walk through that unlight part of town on her way home from a late shift? I bet those odds are worse.

Covid-19 is now affecting the 25 - 40 age range (not sure of the exact figure), now I wonder why that is? Could it be that it is that age range that does the majority of F2F jobs in our world? The ones that are going to the pubs in numbers?

You do not make actions that worsen your odds. Not only of yourself, but for the weaker ones around you.

I bet this person votes tory.

"The True Measure of Any Society can be Found in How it Treats its Most Vulnerable Members." -Gandhi.

Although yes we need to find ways to live with this virus, (e.g. what if a vaccine never comes - do we live inside for ever - what happens to cancer patients ? etc ) BUT I think her statistics are wrong. It's not a 1 in 44million chance of catching the virus - only 70 million (max) live in the UK so only 2 people would have the virus!

I’m hearing stuff like this every day now ! People send me like minded posts everyday , I think , to cheer me up or make me less fearful 🤔. The thing is I’m not depressed or particularly scared I’m simply staying at home to protect my husband who , being extremely vulnerable, would surely be one of the statistics quoted . The numbers may be small to Joe public but that is irrelevant to those at risk !! Unfortunately Joe public is getting fed up , people aren’t following the rules and this is the real reason it’s not going away . Let’s think about living with it and socialising when we have a vaccine and not before so everyone has a chance of survival not just the fit and healthy

PS There are people trying to destabilise countries, societies and economies or promote their own financial or political interests - I'm not saying this person is one of them but she may be reading some of the masses of propoganda around and wants to believe it, and thinks it won't happen to her (just other people). I remember thinking I never catch things - until I got that vomiting disease.

As people here are in a vulnerable category I think we all need to do the best for our own conditions/situations and in line with what our trusted doctors suggest .

Any nurse who puts out this type of rubbish should be ashamed of herself . No nurse with any genuine love of her profession would do such a thing.

But sad to say there are too many lame brained creatures being let loose in the hospital wards ....perhaps it is due to the continual changes in training and procedures.....all dating back to 1967.when the rot started.

I hope you will continue doing what you know to be sensible.....

I would also hope you ignore this inaccurate tripe, treat it for what it is ....

A very silly girl out for her 15 minutes of fame ....


Jandm in reply to Buzzytruk

I was absolutely dismayed when I saw this from her. I deleted her and blocked her. There are so many more who go out of their way to do the absolute best for their patients and she is unfortunately a bad apple in my eyes now. My husband goes above and beyond to maintain safety as I did. It’s a very sad thing to see when you thought you knew them

Honestly I dont know how I'd feel if I was young and healthy. Since I'm neither, I'm staying put ! Have just regretfully cancelled flying visit from eldest daughter and granddaughter I havnt seen since xmas. With Oadby and Wigston back in lockdown from tomorrow and all of Lancashire where they live we decided not worth the risk. I have faith that if we're all sensible, we will meet again eventually. Something to look forward to.

I always have believed UK nurses should be trained like USA nurses. Extensive STEM, 4 years and nursing boards before they can work as a nurse.

I will disagree with the statistics because each country does their COVID reporting differently. My spouse works COVID front line and I know COVID is not like the flu, it is much worse. I hope this muse gets her Pin pulled.

I fail to understand what this government is doing to try to fully protect us from Covid19. These irresponsible people who deny the existence of the virus or who ignore the safeguards, putting others at serious risk of death, should surely be charged with manslaughter!

larryvon1012 in reply to micox

my suggestion to you, is not leave your house, stay in lockdown till the russians or the CCP arrive,... do not venture out even with a mask, because you are "asymptomatic, as are all of us", and just one exhale, one small cough, will and could possibly inflict upon another, the dreaded covid. Stay home!

Covid mortality is 57 deaths per 100000 population in usa.

Cancer mortality is 163 per 100000 deaths.

covid is benign you have a 3x probablity of dying from cancer than the covid.

Do the math.


199,636 for the usa.

The number of cancer deaths (cancer mortality) is 163.5 per 100,000 men and women per year (based on 2011–2015 deaths).

Jandm in reply to larryvon1012

This wasn’t about math(s) it was about the lack of empathy full stop. If someone has so little regards for people and don’t believe that keeping them safe is paramount....then they shouldn’t be in practice. Regardless of whether it’s cancer, covid, diabetes, respiratory’s about safety.

larryvon1012 in reply to Jandm

my comment addressed the reality of the situation, 57 deaths per 100000 population for covid in usa since beginning, vs 163 deaths per 100000 population for cancer overall, now... what do we do? shut down a whole country for that, force everyone to wear archaic masks (and that's another topic )? Do we? We should have responded to cancer with more urgency, considering the death rate is 3x covid? In epidemiology , that is how evaluate objectively, quantitatively the death rate across a spectrum of diseases etc, you do not look at an absolute number e.g., 200000 deaths, you normalize the stats. Do not deflect my comment here and change the narrative to empathy!!

Jandm in reply to larryvon1012

I have nursed many many cancer patients, I have assisted in the removal of more cancerous tumours than I care to think about and more recently I have nursed and cared for my mother who is still battling cancer. She is now more worried about catching covid after going through surgery and very very aggressive chemotherapy. I did not forward that post to downgrade any other form of disease because it is yet another one that attacks the vulnerable. It was to highlight that some of the people that my mother and thousands of others are highly reliant on can be so apathetic i their role as care givers. can pack away your aggression. No one is talking about numbers. If you read the comments from others who actually read the post, you will see we are talking about the frivolous manner in which a supposed member of the medical community promotes the disregard of keeping oneself safe. We do not like aggressive people here no good for our health. British people have a more subtle approach to debate so I ask you politely to temper your comments and be civil and we certainly do not need your poor attempts at sarcasm.

How dare you call a valued member of our forum a coward.a young lady who has and still is courageously coping with a life threatening lung condition and a recent recipient of a lung transplant who goes about her daily life without fear in and amongst a highly populated city.shame on you sir,do some reasearch that isn't clouded by your single minded philosophy and look around you at the 200.000 people in your land of the great and good who have already died from your so called benign virus.:(

P.s it would appear that my reply to@larryvon1012 has been moved?,but thankfully he or someone has removed his thoughtless and rude reply to Caspaina. :)

I am not referring to the poster as a coward, but to the populace as a whole who live in fear of a statistically benign virus, fueled by incessant rants from the msm (main stream media). My comment was not directed at an individual but as an analysis of the current state we as a country are living in. So sorry if it was taken in a different light than my intentions.

I imagined your country to be a place where people could live as they chose. The "land of the free"? I think you call it? So why come on here and try to dictate how we live? I don't see anyone telling you how to live. Tone down the aggression, you might actually be a nice person.

Caspiana in reply to skischool

Oh don't bother Skis. Obviously, a complete tosser and waste of time. xx 🙋

Interesting for myself I can only agree to disagree, I have friends who will not wear masks and are convinced that in their words it' s a plandemic

However their actions are different to their beliefs, they do social distancing, wash hands regularly perform most of the recomendations advised.

Being in denial as we know does give some form of comfort, so although misguided beliefs are there, I listen but do not judge them, and of course protect myself discreetly.

Is there proof she is a nurse or just claiming she is one? Social media is a myriad of opinions and I would be surprised if a nurse put a post like that out

I was flabbergasted because I know she is and the last person that I thought would have those views.

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