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I have tonight joined another forum that is for people with lung conditions only, i wish to say i have enjoyed my time on HealthUnlocked and have been so grateful for the help i have received from people on here and hope i have been some help to people who suffer with lung conditions like myself, there are many other forums for people to join as i found out tonight so perhaps i can be helpful to others i have yet to meet and they help me, this is a good forum and i hope you all continue to give each other advice and support on your continuing fight against a cruel condition we all have to suffer, Best wishes to all

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Sorry to hear your are leaving Bobby but wishing you the best of luck and health for the future. :)

Ski's and Scruff's

That’s such a shame bobby, can’t you belong to both? Anyway best wishes to you and I hope you enjoy the new forum

Sorry to see you go Bobby, wishing you all the very best.

Sorry you are leaving us. I wish you the all the best.

please stay a member, read the posts and reply again when you are ready.

As I said before, it’s a fraught time for everyone but we are all here to help, through good times and bad.

Seven years since I joined, it’s been a lifesaver for me .

Keep in contact please, best wishes at this difficult time.

Sending you lots of virtual hugs and very best wishes for the future.

Will miss you

Wishing you well bobbyfloyd. You’ll be welcomed back anytime you feel ready. Hope the new forum suits your needs. Take care xxxx

Sorry to see you go Bobbyfloyd, hope the new forum doesnt silence your views x

Sorry to hear that Bobby - you’ll be missed.

Bye for now Bobbyfloyd sure our paths will cross again elsewhere :)

Sorry to see you go . Take care x

Why don’t you keep your account open and just take a break. Whatever you decide I wish you well.


Which forum are you going on Bobby?Best wishes

Best of luck for the future; door is always open if you want to come back.

Sorry to know you're leaving but wishing you all the best 🌈


So sorry to see you go Bobby, take care of yourself and good luck.🤗 Bernadette xxxxx 🌈

Very best wishes to you. You'll always be welcomed back, you may just have to be bobbyfloyd2! Take care, P

Will miss you. Why not be on both 🐞🇬🇧


Sorry to hear that your posts have been supportive and informative , thank you. Wishing you well. Keep safe and return soon.

What other group bobbyfloyd are you joining Bobby?

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