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Red tide copd


My oldest daughter is in the hospital with double pneumonia I have copd. Can I safely go in the hospital to visit. This corona virus scares me

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Hello Seay611 , 👋

I'm sorry to hear your daughter is unwell. I feel the dilemma you face. I don't think I can say it is "safe" to go to hospital. I go for blood withdrawals because I have no choice. But if I had a choice I would not go near a hospital. However, your daughter is poorly. I think it would depend how ill she is. If she is making a good recovery and is expected to be discharged not too far in the future, then I think it would be best to stay away. Is she well enough to talk in the phone, a video call maybe? Ultimately, it is a risk. No one can say it's safe. It's important for you to stay safe.

Sending best wishes for your daughter's recovery.

Cas xx 🙋💓

Hi Seay Sorry to hear about your daughter being ill I hope she gets better soon. I would imagine from what most people are saying that there is a no visitor policy, especially as she has pneumonia and you have COPD and COVID. I would want to do the same in your shoes. Xx

As Patsy says its unlikely the hospital will be allowing visitors because of the covid situation. You could phone the hospital to check but I think best all round, for you, your daughter and the hospital staff if you stay away at this time.

I hope your daughter is feeling much better soon and you will be chatting on the phone in no time.

Best wishes to you both.

Thinking of you and your dear daughter. Hoping she makes a good recovery. Please phone the hospital and ask about their policy for visitors. Stay safe xxxxx

Myself, I wouldn’t go. You don’t say how old your daughter is, but if she is an adult, she wouldn’t want to put you in any danger. Send messages through the staff, they might even let you speak over the phone or iPad. It won’t be long before she’s out, and you can make up for not seeing her while she was ill.

Hi Seay611 I would say best to be safe . Seek advice from the hospital or your GP. I hopwe your daughter is on the mend and home soon. Anita x

Hi Seay611

I truly would not advise that you do go to the hospital. I am still in lock down until we are told that it is safe for us to leave our homes. Hospitals are full of bacteria and viruses and it would be so easy for you to be affected right now.

I hope that your daughter improves and is back home very soon, stay in touch with the hospital for any updates on how she is doing.

God bless

It really does depend on how ill your daughter is and how severe your own health is. Also depends on the hospital protocol at this time. I hope you can facetime, telephone or zoom to keep in touch and I hope your daughter’s condition improves very soon and she can get home.

Difficult decision and I don’t envy you but you will get it right.

With love to you both


I sympathise as my daughter has just left hospital following removal of bone tumours and a replacement hip. (She's not even 40!) None of us were allowed to visit. My husband had to drop her off at the hospital door. He said it was the hardest thing he's ever done. Her husband had to wait in the car park to collect her! It was hard but better that we all keep safe. Keep in touch with calls and messages. Please stay safe. Wishing your daughter a speedy recovery.

In our area hospitals are not allowing visitors, two friends who’s husbands have had to go to A & E with non Covid related problems and then transferred to a ward, have not been able to visit. X

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