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Pleurisy Came Back


I had pleurisy at the end of March very mildly after recovering from Corona. As I couldn’t physically get examined by a doctor, it was mislabelled as muscle pain due to exercise and it went away. It has came back now and it still seems mild, I still can’t get examined by a doctor but he said it’s likely to be pleurisy. As it’s came back, will ibuprofen just do the trick?

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If you are treating the pain I would opt for paracetamol but if your doctor recommended ibruprofen for your symptoms do go along with what your doctor advised.

NHS mention ibruprofen :

Hope you are feeling better soon.

in reply to Bkin

thank you:)

Sadly pleurisy as a habit of coming back. I have had numerous episodes. From experience I found that paracetamol, rest and a gentle heat over the painful area helps.

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Thank you, that’s made me feel a lot better haha:)

have you any other symptoms ....cough with discoloured mucus ?

in reply to knitter

No, I’m having a small cough but no mucus

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