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Corona Virus Accusation


I was accused of having the virus at a family funeral on the 18th of March, by other members and told to stay away. On the 24th of April, I have been informed by my wife, that her niece has had the virus and self isolated at home. I have not seen my niece since last christmas, and am social isolating, as I'm 76 years young. I have been told that it is my fault she has been ill and stay away from the family in future. Suits me, but feel sorry for my wife, who is taking all the flak. We would very much like to know who is spreading these lies, as it's very upsetting for both of us. Another family funeral, but been barred from attending it. They must have someone to blame I suppose!

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That’s very sad hornblower. This is how the virus has affected people, turning families against each other. Hold your head high, you’ve done nothing wrong. Xxxx

hornblower1 in reply to sassy59

I agree, Come to think of it, I've only seen my wife's mother just before that funeral, since last christmas. Many thanks for your thoughts.

I agree with sassy. When people are scared they look for a scapegoat and they have clearly chosen you for that role. To be honest they don't sound like much of a loss anyway especially when are they are so upsetting your lovely wife. x

Hi hornblower1 , 👋

I have read many, many posts on this forum but yours has me scratching my head. I am not sure why in the first place anyone could point their finger at you and say you have the virus. It's not as if Corona patients are rainbow coloured and are easily spotted. So how and why would they accuse you especially since said niece you have not seen since Christmas ? Was there some pre existing animosity perhaps between you ? In any case I too feel sorry for your wife, does this mean she is also unwelcome from now on?

It does sound extremely unreasonable and I'm sorry you have had such an unpleasant experience.

Sometimes people are just strange.

Take care,

Cas xx 🍀🌿

hornblower1 in reply to Caspiana

I forgot to mention that I had just recovered from a chest infection, and felt well enough to attend the funeral.

COPD123491 in reply to Caspiana

Hi Cass

Sometimes people are selfish and cruel.

Stay safe


I worked in a hospital for many years. From my experiences I have often thought that grief can change people to the point of irrationality. Sadly your wife appears to be a victim of this. Ignorance of the virus and it's incubation time obviously also play a role. Your niece in reality was just as likely to catch it from a asymptomatic family member than from a someone showing questionable symptoms.

Thank you for your comments. I've decided not to have anything more to do with my wife's family, but I'm not stopping her going to family get togethers, something which she isn't too happy about, as I'm supposed to ignore them.

Fair play to you Hornblower. That is exactly what I would do. Sounds as if these "people" are a bunch of selfish, judgmental idiots and you (and your good wife) are better off without them.

May you and your wife stay safe.


Apparently funerals are being held in the U.K. Here in the states no one's going to funerals, for your safety stay home.

Same here in the UK . I think it's 4 Mourners only and at a distance.

Sorry to hear that. It seems rather strange for them to react this way, especially as they must know your circumstances. I assume it is the general Coronavirus fear making them behave unreasonably. Hopefully they will see how unfair it is and apologies will come your way. Take care and keep safe.🌼

Shame on them.

A strange situation - I don't understand why they would blame you if you've not seen your niece in such a long time. Head up. Sorry for your wife and yourself. People can be unreasonable. x

As badbessie says this is totally irrational behaviour. How can they blame you? Usually when people behave like this I would say they’re not worth knowing but that would put your wife in a difficult situation and fall outs in families over even trivial things can become quite acrimonious. If you are vulnerable it’s not wise for you to leave the house anyway and to protect you your wife should do the same.

Take care


So sad Hornblower1 that your family are being like they are its obvious that you have not given your Niece the virus if you have not seen her since Christmas. Its probably 1 of those. Just ask your wife to cut off all contact so she does not get all the backlash. Look after yourselves. Brian

So sad that you and your wife have found yourselves in this situation. As hard as it may be cut off contact from those upsetting you. It is to true to say that you can't choose your family but you can choose your friends. Best wishes to you both xx

Bless u.ignorant people,as ive found and am learning,arent worth upsetting yrselves over.just because we r unfortunate enough to share some dna with people, doesnt make them " family" please stay well,try not to let thm get to u.its terrible yr being attacked like this xx

In situations like this, it shows how stupid people can be. Your relatives need to be educated on the facts about the virus.


So sad your being treated in this way especially as this has to be such a stressful time for you and your wife anyway. Sometimes it's so difficult to understand other people's behaviour. Take care of yourselves 😘 xxx

(It's either ignorance, fear or a multiple of other reasons.)

We cannot control how other people react or think, so just feel sorry for them!

So bloody sad. Family should be bonding together even at a distance. At 76

Look after yourself and stay away from hospitals and people.!!!!


Just lost one of family with this vile Virus.!!!

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