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Removing myself from a community forum


Hello everyone, I have joined too many different forums over the past few weeks and am now inundated with emails. I am finding it just too much and its making me feel very anxious. I want to stay on this one as I feel its like my extended family and I have got to know the members very well. However, I cannot work out how to leave a community. Please help me if you can as I'm finding it all too much particularly with all that's happening in our lives due to the Virus. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from anyone who can help me.

Sincerely, Chrys

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You can unsubscribe from emails.

You can unsubscribe from HealthUnlocked emails through your settings, click on your avatar picture top right select settings.

Untick boxes as required.


You can also - click on community home,

scroll to bottom of page

click on Help Centre

Instant answer box comes up

Type in search at the bottom of the answer box what you want to find - ie

' unfollow a community'

Up in the right hand corner, near where it says write, there is a tick. If you tap it you will be asked if you want to leave.

Sorry you feel the need to go. I have done a bit of forum hopping and this one has the best sense of community. Of course, you can always come back.

Stay safe

Done it!

All done! Thanks

First go to to the forum that you want to leave, then to the left of the "Write" button you will see a box with a tick in it, click that and and then you will no longer be following that group and the emails will then stop as well.

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Relief! Thanks.

I’m glad you’re staying on this forum.

When I discovered. Health. Unlocked,I was the same. I came off some forums.

You don’t have to read or reply to everything,just click your avatar . B safe

You can have too much of a good thing as I found the hard way.

Oh I would hate to leave this Forum, its part of my life now. I can relax now. Thanks again.


Oh I sent a reply to you to myself. Silly me, its all too much I think Ill go make a cuppa!

I did a similar thing and it became too much Chrys. At the top where you have a house, 9 dots, chat etc. Click on the dots and it will bring up your communities. You can then leave from there.

Hope that works as I use my iPhone so did it in there.

Stay safe xxxxx

I managed to do it xxx

That’s good Chrys. Xxxx

I too am a member of several forums. I don't get any emails as I chose not to receive them. Follow Bkin's advice for stopping them.

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Thanks so much. I learnt the had way.

in reply to RoadRunner44

No worries, I didn't cotton on straight away. I also pick and choose which forums I look at day to day but find this one is the best for the level of support, advice and fun.

Hope you stay here, you have contributed a lot xxx

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What a lovely thing to say. Much appreciated CD. I never expected that.


in reply to RoadRunner44

Why ever not, you contribute alot on this site and are well liked x

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Dear Chrys, I'm so happy you are staying with us. We would miss you so much. You are a kind, generous lady. My husband gets very anxious and I know how hard it can be. Take care my friend. XXXX

Oh, what a lovely gesture poems.. I don't know what to say.

It did become very overwhelming though. I had joined the new Wellbeing Forum and because of The Virus, people started to post more often. Suddenly I was getting so many emails I couldn't read them all let alone reply to them. They just kept coming and it was exhausting trying to keep up. I really missed just being with you lot! I really did. So I had to come off some of them. Anyway, I have managed to sort out the mess I got myself in and hopefully will start enjoying reading and posting to my friends on here. So comforting.

Catch up again soon no doubt.

Thanks, Chrys. Xxx

And breathe my lovely. 🤗


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