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We've been hit by an extreme heatwave and i do not know how to deal with this....any tips?

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And on top of this we've also had to deal with power cuts ! So no cooling system and a struggle to my nebuliser schedule....

Keep your fluids up Boeta. Put sheets etc. in the freezer if it’s working and use a handheld fan.

I hope things improve soon and you can get to use your nebuliser.

Wishing you cooler days ahead. Xxxxx

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Thank you....sitting now on front porch...with just a little bit of heated wind...lol

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Just saw your wedding picture....how happy can we get....joy is a suitable word!

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Thank you Boeta, it was a wonderful day and lots of happy memories. Xxxx😘

Bottle it and send it here! 😊

How about a swop!

We humans are never happy it’s either to hot, to cold, to wet, to dry not to mention the humidity.

I personally am going in build a big dome and have the temp set at 70f during the day and 60f during the night with an endless supply of chilled water with lemon.


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Yeh, but we are not only just humans, but humans with some form of COPD...that makes us special with special needs.....

I fill a plant spray and carry it around with me and frequently spray myself with a fine water mist. I also use a bandana dipped and wrung out with cold water - I place it on the back of my neck with the ends hanging down the front which seems to anchor it quite well.

I lived in Spain for 6 years and got through the summers with this. It feels like you've just had a cold shower.


I think you should take Dons suggestion up send it to us we need it desperately

It is in the post...signed and sealed by the devil with his hot fingers...take it or leave it....ha hee ha hee...with a sizzle in the cold water supplied by you....

Hello Boeta

I live in Australia where all hell has broken loose. Bushfires, extreme heat (often over 45 degrees Celsius), breathing difficult to say the least with IPF and organising pneumonia. I have found through trial and error that using a purifier and carrying a fan and mask essential. Finding your sweet spot for temperature both indoors and out can help manage illness.

Hope this helps. Cheers Dee

I live with day-time highs of 30 to 35 degrees celcius all year round (Thailand) but I'm afraid I'm not going to be much use to you as I find that so much better for my lungs (bronchiectasis) than my native British climate and after 2 to 3 years here I had acclimatised. Also I do use airconditioning to keep cool for a couple of afternoon hours and one hour getting to sleep in the hottest 6 months of the year.

Otherwise the obvious suggestions are 'getting up with the larks' (no larks here but we have equivalent cacophonies and there's always the roosters) for activities/excercise, floor/wall fans, under-dressing with breathable fabrics, keeping well hydrated and building air-conned coffee bars and shops/malls into your daily program at the height of the day's heat.

The heat is petering off for now, but it is coming back! Thanks for all the responses....

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