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A Replacement for Exercise?

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Whether it be a brisk walk around the park or high intensity training at the gym, exercise does a body good. But what if you could harness the benefits of a good workout without ever moving a muscle? Michigan Medicine researchers studying a class of naturally occurring protein called Sestrin have found that it can mimic many of exercise’s effects in flies and mice. The findings could eventually help scientists combat muscle wasting due to aging and other causes.


6 Replies

All the benefits of exercise without moving a muscle? Sounds pretty good to me!! Lol! Moy


This sounds great, particularly for people who, not by choice, are unable to exercise. Those people who don't like exercise have a choice but others, being disabled in some way just dont have a choice, they just can't. There are lots of positives to this piece of research. Thanks for lifting our spirits 2greys.


Oh! Roll on the day we can have this, although I do like a good brisk walk, I do suffer later and would really like some help with my muscles as they have given up on me ha! x


If I take Sestrin and work out as well, could I end up like Arnold Schwarzenegger? "I'll be back" for the answer!


That’s it then! , a chip butty and half pint of sestrin!🥳


Great news

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