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folic acid

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Does anyone take folic acid, i have read it is supposed to be good for breathing and helping with asthma, i would like to hear from males especially but any information would be a benefit, if people do take folic acid at what dosage do they take and what benefits they get from it, thank you

5 Replies

Folic acid is so important there have been discussions about fortifying white flour with it. I don't use folic acid supplements because I use wholemeal bread and flour products.

Hope others are able to help you more about the supplements.


I have had a double lung transplant, and part of my medication is folic acid every day, so it must help my immune system.


Hi Bobbyfloyd, I have recently started on methotrexate for rheumatoid arthritis and folic acid is given with this medication as the body depletes this quickly whilst on this med. I cant say I have noticed any difference (apart from hair loss) as yet but have only been on this for 5 weeks, but would speak with your doctor first to see if your body is lacking x


I have chronic asthma and anemia so I have been recommended to take 5m folic acid once a day and at my last clinic found my breathing tests much improved

I do of course take other medications for other problems too

hope this answers your query

I am a 71 year old male



As I'm on MTX for RD (have been for years) I take a folic acid 6 days a week but it doesn't help my lungs at all. The idea of adding it to flour is so that pregnant women lower their risk of having a child with Spina Bifida.


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