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New here! CT scan results...

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Hi. I'm normally on the asthma uk site as a sufferer of severe asthma. I've been told to post here as i might get some more answers...

I was just wondering if anyone could shed any light on my CT results. I haven't seen or heard from my consultant as yet, my scan was over 2 weeks ago. From other previous tests i heard back in 2 days! I actually have my results as i was an in patient for something else at the time and they took me to my out patient appointment and the CT results are on my discharge letter. It says:

1. Bronchiectatic changes in both lower lung lobes.

2. Linear atelectatic band left lower lung lobe.

3. Calcified nodule at the lingula left side 4mm.

4. Dorsal spine degenerative changes.

I have had a google and found...

1. Scarring possibly permanent.

2. Partial lung collapse.

3. Scary sounding lump.

4. Arthritis of the spine.

This all seems a bit scary. Anyone had similar results? What happened? I'm really surprised my consultant has yet to be in contact. I will be following up if i don't hear soon.

Thanks for reading!

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Sorry i cant help on scan results but i would be chasing up consultant on monday morning the worry about the results cant be a good thing

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Treed12 in reply to corriena

Thanks for your reply. This has spurred me to be making some phone calls on monday!

Welcome to the site, I would chase up those results maybe they think they don't need to as you have a copy from discharge letter. But it sounds like it needs following up. Good Luck.

#1. Bronchiectatic changes in both lower lung lobes. You will need to have a consultant to sort this out.

#2 Linear atelectatic band. This can be caused by not breathing deeply enough or a plug of mucus blocking one of the airways.

#3. You can definitely strike this off your list of worries. a calcified nodule is just an old non malignant nodule that has died. I have a few of them, they just sit there, inert, doing nothing.

#4. Dorsal spine degenerative changes. Sorry, I cannot help with this.

Hi Just want to say I agree with what 2greys has summarized above.

I am also a long term asthmatic and had a scan about 9 months ago (due to other symptoms) with very similar results to yours, except for the degenerative spine.

The diagnosis from this was Bronchiectasis. (Made by Respiratory consultant)

Also had a bronchoscopy to follow up a couple of and found that the atelectasis was caused by mainly mucus plugs and nodules were non-cancerous (mine were not calcified)

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