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I'm arguing with council over a second bedroom and got this letter.

In order to change your bedroom need for permanent accommodation we need you to provide an occupational therapist recommendation/report ,to confirm you are in need of an overnight carer and therefore will need a larger property.

the O T report says Accommodation to have the potential to facilitate a carer to stay overnight if necessary as clients needs can fluctuate potential of separate lounge to accommodate additional sleeping facilities such as a sofa bed.

So the question is do I need overnight care ? yes or no please

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I'm saying yes, better to be safe at night.😊 Bernadette xx

Thank you hoping to get a good number of people to reply because I read this one way and the council another so without giving much away I want to see who is correct

Hi you wanted to know how I got on I finally got moved under all their policies on the strength of social and medical reports to a brand new 2 bedroomed house on the 3 of aug it to 2 years now social say although i need overnight care on occasions they do not pay it so now my rent is not being paid as i dont have a carer and i am forced to pay bedroom tax of £20plus per week laughable really another long fight i feel but hey im still alive and i really hope your doing well all the very best phil vaughanm

Yes even if you could call for help it would take to long to get to you

philvaughan in reply to corriena

Thank you


I would say yes you do in order to maintain your independent living AND council are not doctors DISPITE what they might think do.

If you have letter of OT council should be happy AS it was them who requested it.

Ask council to clarify there issues now have OT report and point out issues of misfeasance in public office especially as council are not doctors or anything.

philvaughan in reply to Hidden

Thank you my sentiments exactly

Yes you do as who knows what can change and when, certainly not the councils decision as they are not doctors. Xxxxx

philvaughan in reply to sassy59

Thank you

You need to be clear about the kind of care/carer you need. If you are talking about a night sitter then you do not need a second bedroom because they don’t go to bed. They usually sit in the room with the patient or a room nearby. You only need another bedroom if you are expecting the carer to go to bed.

You need to write down your care needs, how often you would need a night carer and decide what kind of help would meet these needs. Something like a pendant alarm might be appropriate so that you can summon help. Moving home is very stressful, particularly for people who are ill. Also, a larger property will be more expensive to run.

many thanks I am very aware of the law here my circumstances are strange im homeless and need rehousing I don't need constant care just when required therefor needing a second bedroom

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