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Need advice for copd, congestion and being able to rest at night


I have COPD and was diagnosed with congestive heart failure in mid dec when hospitalized... I'm now sick with alot of congestion, doctor gave me steriods and antibiotics thurs...not much help...

Any Advice for help especially with nightime coughing Please, when I laydown it won't stop. It's nightime now and I feel like I just can't do this all night long again..

Thank You and God Bless !

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Have you tried propping yourself at night on a few pillows, I have four plus some extra cushions. But check with your doctor and nurse that it's ok for you to sleep like that as you have congestive heart failure as well.

Try sips of water too.

I know how tiring and frustrating continual coughing can be.

Fisherman's friends or cough syrup with Guaifenesin (I use Sainsburys own) help with my cough and I go to a Chinese herbalist to help with the congestion (amazing results). Good luck with everything.

It usually takes around 10 days for me to be able to get back to lying down properly again once I start with the infection and coughing. Just done 7 days and was able to get half reclined and a little uninterrupted sleep last night! So may be getting near the end. I find throat lozenges make me cough more and gargling with warm salt water is better before bed. Sipping cold water through the night. Good luck

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