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Feeling so ill

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I have had a high fever and a little vomiting and diarrhoea over weekend. Saw Dr yesterday. I have diverticulitis. I was diagnosed with diverticular disease some 10+ years ago. Last night I was violently sick 3 times yellow and then at 2 a.m it was brown. Dr said to call if no better in 2/3 days. I have not felt so ill in my life. Also woke up choking 4 times and had to use my ventolin inhaler. I hope this will improve soon . Bad night either shivering or sweating. Sorry, I feel so sorry for myself.

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Hope your feeling Better very Soon Jackie. I don't know about Diverticular? I have however had the galloping Trots since last week, I'm not sick or feeling poorly. I can only put it down to 1) Meds, 2) Weak Bowels ? If mine continues, I will ask my Pharmasist, as I don't feel I need the Doc. Hope you recover soon Hun as Christmas is almost upon us. Have a Good Christmas, as Best you can...Love n Hugs. xxxx

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Lol, galloping trots! I always have those due to the leflunimide I take!

You are entitled to feel sorry for yourself! It sounds awful. I hope you start to feel better soon.

Get well soon Jackie. Did the GP not offer antibiotics? (My ex husband had diverticulitis and at the first sign of any symptoms with fever, he was given antibiotics. I know how awful it can be). Take good care of yourself and if you feel you're getting worse then do get back to the GPs or NHS 111. Wishing you a speedy recovery. x

You are allowed to feel sorry for yourself. Best keep in touch with your doctor, hope you improve soon.

You truly are allowed to feel sorry for yourself. It’s quite understandable.

Hope you feel better very soon, good wishes

Could it be the norovirus, nhs.uk/conditions/norovirus/

Hope you are feeling better soon.

It was gastric volvulus para-osophageal Hernia. Stomach had twisted. Had an emergency endoscopy Tuesday night and emergency op yesterday morning. Also wrapped upper end of stomach with lower end of oesophagus. Very sore and on liquid only diet for 6 weeks. So so tired but risked being a lot worse. Best thing? No more reflux. Should get my voice back in 3months.

Good job you didn't take the docs advice and wait a few days or things would have become decidedly dodgy for you as you say.well done on enduring and surviving what must have been a pretty frightening time,best wishes for a gentle and full recovery.

Ski's and Scruff's x

Thank you skis. Not going to be great but I am alive and the upside is no more reflux. So sore at moment though.

Hope you're feeling better soon Jackie. If not do call your doctor, as advised x

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