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Folk Art Festival


The Dr told me I can start painting again.. I had a cancer scare .... I couldn't do the folk art show you need tons of work to go into the show... I had painted for over thirty years and it was hard to get into the show... After leaving I thought it would take a few years to get back in.... I got a e-mail and I got back in for next year show .. I was shocked.... I"m so happy ...

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So very pleased for you Clamdigger. Good news indeed. Xxxx

Pleased for you I bet you'll enjoy getting back into it. You'll have to show us some of your work.

Peg xxx

Clamdigger in reply to pegbl

I'll post them... I have so many stories left to paint....

Hi clamdigger. Get those brushes moving art is so theraputic. Enjoy the weekend Jane.

Wonderful news Clamdigger . Very happy for you. xx 👏😊

That really is wonderful news. I'm so pleased for you, that's great. 🎨



No wonder you got in , your work is brilliant. I love it .

Clamdigger in reply to Gladwyn

Thank you .. Really missed being there the past couple of shows ...

Fab news Clamdigger those brushes are just waiting to go x

Great news 😊😊😊x

Wonderful talent you need to share it. Good luck.

That is very good news, I hope you do well.

Congratulations on your achievement Clamdigger. So glad it was only a scare H


Very happy for you. 😄

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