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Lovely welcome Back


Just them.want to thank all thenlovely people who have welcomed me Back nto the fold whilst I was in hospital had no internet and truth be told felt to ill to messageor read it isnt till today that i felt capable to read my messages and answer some of them Iam having intensive physio Twice a day on my lungs The matron mentioned I may have to go into hospital for more Iv treatment if the oral ciproflaxin doesnt work. I am determend im not have had my fill of them take care all love Margaret xx

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Nice to see you are back home Margaret, hope you continue to improve x

Time_2_drink in reply to joyce74

Thank you joyce x

Welcome back and keep on recovering. Stay strong and take care.

Time_2_drink in reply to BSA-3

Thanks for the kind words .😷

Do hope you don't have to go back in hospital will keep my fingers crossed 🤞For you.

Take care, Peg xxx

Time_2_drink in reply to pegbl

Thanks pegbi i cannot bare th thought of hospital again you get more rest at home xx

Glad to see you are on the mend, long may it continue x

Thanks carole hope to make some progress I would love to wake up and not need a couple of hours to catch my breath x

Lovely to hear from you Margaret and hope things are now on the up. Take care xxxxxx

Time_2_drink in reply to sassy59

Hi sassy wouldnt that be good mind you once again matron gone on leave for 2 weeks just my luck xx

sassy59 in reply to Time_2_drink

Oh dear never mind. Wishing you well as always. Xxxxx

Glad you're back with us, Margaret. Hope things continue to improve for you.

Time_2_drink in reply to Ergendl

Thank you ergendi I live in hope x

Welcome 'home' Margaret, lovely to see you here again. Peege

Time_2_drink in reply to peege

Thanks peege good to be back x

Welcome back, it's good to hear Your still fighting. You have been sorely missed x x x

Thanks shirley hoping for better things ahead xxx

So glad to see you back Margaret You certainly had us all worried and i bet you gave poor Frank a fright too ! Stay well and God bless, Sheila xx

Time_2_drink in reply to mskpjb

Thanks sheia everyday i pray itwill be a better one I have terribe trouble getting. Up seems hardereach day breathing a nightmare must try to get up physios coming at midday

mskpjb in reply to Time_2_drink

Slowly , slowly Margaret. You've been through a lot so be gentle with yourself. I'm just getting over another dose of bilateral pneumonia and 12 days in hospital and I'm not pushing myself yet ! Sheila xxx

Time_2_drink in reply to mskpjb

Hope you are doing better take care xx

Hello old friend, so happy to know you are on the mend, it seems an age since we heard from you. Just keep getting better .

Hi maggie its a tough fight but i will give it my best should see my arms purple mottled over big pink spots eugh x

what is that, bruising or what ?

Matron reckons its steroids

TTD, It's so lovely to see you back in the fold, It did bring a smile to my face when I saw your post.

It iS a lovely community to be part off x

Welcome back T2d hope each day brings you welcome relief x

Time_2_drink in reply to Izb1

I do hope sox


Happy to see you back online. 😀😀💐

Time_2_drink in reply to Hidden

SThank you thought l was having a fair day then the sweats and shortness of breath started again the physio who came at tea timedidnt do anything they usually get me to take nebuliser use flutter do a active breathing cycle and walk with walker round room she telephoned before she came to see if I wanted her to comeall the other physios been very helpfull the mairo coming tomorrow matron i mean and imsure she will want me to go back to hospital just couldnt face it x


Hidden in reply to Time_2_drink

Oh dear you sound very upset, try and relax Margaret I know it's easier said than done though. I hope you get a good nights sleep and tomorrow you will feel a bit better. Rest easy Margaret. Tomorrow won't be as bad as you think it will. 💐

Time_2_drink in reply to Hidden

Managed to escape hospital matron been she didnt do her regular obs the physio came at same tme and didnt do any excercise I them.was happy with other physios who came twicea day one was the boss and she said she was keeping me n the books till i was stronger. But this phsio only coming once a day and gives me no confidence z😷

Hi Margaret. Very glad you are back. xx 💕

Thank you cas Been a strange day physio came at lunch time as arranged but once again did nothing all the othetswho have been have been great but this one not coming on evenings whitch is a great shame hope you doing ok xx

I'm hanging on thanks Margaret. Thinking of you and Frank. xx 🌸🌻

I'm so glad your back home Time to drink, you gave us all a scare.

Take it easy now xx

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