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Nuelin discontinued?


I have been on Nuelin 175 tablets twice a day for a long time but now the dispensary at the practice says that they can no longer find a source for them.

Is anyone else in the same position? If so, can you tell me what you were given as an alternative? My GP is currently on holiday and I have no tablets left and am certainly noticing the difference.

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Sorry I don’t know what Nuelin is..Products keep on being discontinued and replaced by generics.

I can’t find my Salbutamol monodosis for the nebuliser anymore, they are looking in other stores to see if they have some in stock.

It is a headache..

Good luck with your meds x

Can the pharmacy not get the generic Theophylline? If not, you probably need to see your respiratory doctor or nurse to ask about an alternative long acting bronchodilator inhaler.

My OH used it for a long period of time but this was some years ago. It's likely that Theophylline is not used much these days because blood tests are required to titrate the dose:

'The dosage should be titrated for each individual and adjusted with caution. Serum theophylline levels should be monitored to ensure that they remain within the therapeutic range'.



Hi greatauntall, the literature describes nuellin as a long acting form of theophylline. Theophylline is a drug used for asthma. Any GP at the practice should be able to find an alternative long acting theophylline to nuellin in their book. I hope this helps a bit.

I was on Nuellin for about two years taking 375 in the morning and 250 at night. Well over twelve months ago my chemist had problems getting the 175, my husband phoned 27 chemists in our area still no luck. The chemist phoned my surgery who changed the supplier. One month later I was rushed into hospital with erractic heart problems.

It is very important that with taking theophylline that you do not change from one supplier to another without being monitored via blood tests. I now take slow phyllin but only 250 in the morning and 250 at night. I was not able to go back onto Nuellin because no one could obtain the 175. Different manufacturers make up of the drug is different I do hope that makes sense. My surgery did apologise it seems it was a locum who did not do his research before advising the chemist. Best of luck.

That is interesting. Last year, I requested a blood test for my theophylline levels because it had not been checked for several years. Results came back that my levels were very low so GP put me on 250 morning and night. ( I was already on 175 twice a day. ) Levels checked again after a month and they were still low. I continued with the 250 for a further couple of weeks but then started to react badly with erratic heart beat so I stopped them.

Levels still low this year and GP wanted me to go back on to 250 from the 175 but going by my previous experience, I refused but as I said, I am now on nothing except Trimbow and I am really feeling the effects.

What is slow phyllin? I find that I have to find stuff for myself and then inform the GP.

Thank you for your reply.

Slo -Phyllin and Nuellin are the manufacturers name they both supply Theophylline. You must have blood tests every six months whilst on either of them. Your body weight and age also plays a part in the correct dosage. Not everyone can take this drug because of the side effects, I had a few to start with but after about three weeks I was ok. It has helped me a lot. You can Google it, just make sure you stick with UK sites.

Think I may have found the solution. While Googling theophylline, I noticed the Wiki entry which says that it is readily found in nature esp. in tea and cocoa. So all I need to do is eat more chocolate :) :) :)

I have been pushing for this for years, have chocolate prescribed as a remedy for everything. I can not understand why doctors have never taken me up on this idea. It contains everything good and beneficial for all ailments and conditions 🍫

2 squares 3 times a day or up to 8 times a day for relief as necessary 🖋

Sounds good to me. I tried to get whisky on the NHS after my GP agreed that it probably did more good than the medication he prescribed. No success so far. :)

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