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Prescription costs save money!


It may not be well known that if you have a PRIVATE prescription from a paid private consultant that you have to pay the full retail price for the drug BUT if you need a repeat then you can then continue to get them on the normal NHS by asking your GP

If you need a number of repeats and you are not an OAP or exempt then is is far cheaper to purchase a three month or annual ticket PPC

The updated prescription charges for English residents will be £8.80 per Item from 1st April 2018 to 2019. The cost of a prescription pre-payment certificate (PPC), which is valid for three months, will remain at £29.10, while the price of an annual PPC will stay at £104.00

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I have been given an exempt certificate so dont have to pay in charges at all. didnt think iwould get one. but because of all the medication the gp filled in forms. before i had to give up work i with hubby working who is was low we filled in a hc1 form i think it was and we were entitled to free dental treatment free hlp with cost of glasses and eye tests it covers you for a year. again the nurse at surgery told me about it, and im not an oap but it helps now that hubby has had to give up work to care for me

If you live in NI, Wales, and Scotland you don't pay prescription charges so they will continue to be free. x

A few years ago I received a prescription for a fairly expensive long term antibiotic from a private hospital for a lung infection. I was able to take the prescription to my GP surgery and have it converted into an NHS prescription.

I used annual prescription prepayment certificates all my adult life until I reached 60 and prescriptions became free. I made back the cost of the certificate in 2 to 3 months.

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