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i was diagnosed so the dr says with mild copd but my fev1 the first time was 67% and 6 weeks later 64%.i was nervous and asked to do it again but he would not let me. i thought these numbers were stage 2 but being i can do whatever i want walk fast,cut the lawn in 95 degree weather go swimming four hours and i have no problems,i was told it was mild.i use an inhaler like one time a day and sometimes i think i use it from panic attacks.since being diagnosed however i have many panic attacks cause my dad who is 83 and smoked till he was 73 is at 20% and basically an invalid.i am 57 and quit 3 months ago. i have read stories on here of people increasing there numbers one guy for 10 years and actually feeling better and was told i could possibly keep this manageable for the rest of my life if i eat well, exercise and take good care of myself by the copd this actually possible cause i am terrified i will wind up like my dad and to be honest i could not live like that and would never make it that far.

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You have answered most o& the question yourself, yes by doing the right things ( which you are) you can slow the progression down considerably.

Without being to paranoid keep away from smokers, some household products can be a trigger, if it takes your breath away or makes you gasp it may be a trigger or become one so avoid, similar with air pollution, don’t walk to close to the kerb in heavy traffic areas.

Keep with exercise, and maybe do some gentle exercises with your dad, at 83 he’s doing marvellous. I’am 19% still go out every day. I’am sure your dad will enjoy a bit of participation with some gentle exercise.

Hi I was diagnosed younger than you as mild and am still mild 10 years on. Doctor told me old age will get me before the copd will.

You sound much fitter than me and can do things I can only dream about so keep up the good work and enjoy your life. x

I discovered to my surprise two years ago that I only had 50% lung function, despite the fact that I had never smoked and had relatively minor symptoms. As 17% of the problem is late onset asthma (the rest is fixed small airways obstruction) I find that I can raise my lung function to around 60% and only have some troubling mucous to contend with. I suspect you, too, will benefit from some airways medication and continue to enjoy a largely symptom-free life for many years to come.

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