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Another problem solved

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Good morning everyone hope you are all well, it's a lot cooler here here in Worksop today thank goodness. Just had a home eye test done , the optician was so nice and helpful which was nice. Anyway I need an operation for a cataract on my right eye, the optician sent the letter while he was with m and also gave me a copy. Hopefully I won't have to wait to long, he also gave me a pack which holds a lot of useful information, even though he had explained everything I need, I would certainly recommend a home eye test if you have difficulties getting out. Take care and have a brilliant day.😊 Bernadette xx

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I’m pleased that the home eye test went so well Bernadette and hope you dont have to wait too long for the cataract operation. A little cooler on the South coast today thank goodness. Xxxx😀

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Damon1864Volunteer in reply to sassy59

It's cooler here too, hope you have a great day 😊 xx

Glad it went ok Bernadette. It's just as hot here and I am busy melting into a (large) puddle! x

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Damon1864Volunteer in reply to hypercat54

Hope it cools down for you, we don't want you to melt away lol,😁 have a lovely day.xx

Hello Damon, well that's worth knowing, I didn't know they do home visits. I wish you well for your cataract op, it's very straight forward so try not to worry about it, I had same a few years ago. I have regular visits because of having c.r.v.o and it would be great to have home visits instead of going there which is difficult. I wonder if home visits would cover treatment such as eye injections which I have from time to time because of fluid build up. That would be good for me. Anyway I wish you well and please let us know how you get on. ✋️😉xx

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I got a letter from the NHS saying once I hit 60 and have difficulties getting out I was entitled to home visit. I will send the number to you when I get home. Have a great day 😊 Bernadette xx

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Stumpy55 in reply to Damon1864

Thankyou I appreciate that Bernadette. I'm 63 so hopefully I will get home visits 🤞thanks again and I wish you well. ✋️😉xx

That's wonderful news Bernadette. I hope your wait won't be long. 😊 Take good care. xx 🌿🌺

Hi I'm pleased it went well and thanks for the tip...I could do with an eye test and can't face an opticians visit with 4 munchkins and no parenting stamina ha ha. Lots of love xxx

After the op you will see the world in new light. Hope you get it soon

Glad you had a successful home eye test. I had one a few years ago when I was nursing my husband and couldn't get out. You made me quite nostalgic when you mentioned Worksop. My sister used to live there and we had some happy visits when her three boys and my two got together. Happy days ! Sheila x

Hi Bernadette. That is Good News. Wished I had known about the Home Visit !, I went to a Small opticians locally last Month. At that time it was Too much to go into Nottingham to Specsavers, I was told my cataract was not bad enough, but almost there ? anyway £ 175 later, My new Glasses are pretty, but no different to me Prescription wise. Still have the Black Dots Floating.(right eye also). I should have gone back, but as they are such a small Family Opticians, I thought Best to get on with these Glasses. Yes, here the Temp has Dropped, nice, but I don't mind the Heat, better than the dam rain & Clouds. I wish you a Lovely day and you get your cataract op sorted Soon. Love n Hugs. Carolina xxxx

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I can let you have the number for next time you need an eye test 😊xx

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Thank you everyone take care and have a lovely day.😊xx

Well, good news that it will soon be sorted. I have had both eyes done and it only takes a few minuet's and does not hurt at all. I did not know about home visits this would be wonderful for those who can't get out very well. Good luck.


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I will post the address on here later for those who would feel they would 😊 xx benefit.

glad your home eye test went well and it is much cooler here in the Midlands today x

Glad to know you have been booked in for this op and you had a home visit, it makes life alot easier for people who cant get about. You will be able to chuck out your glasses when they have both been done. Irene x

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