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Any thing but steroids

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Hi all been in steroids all week again just wanna ask is there anything u can take that has the same effect as steroids that u can take at the time rather than be on steroids for the week like steroids in inhaler or something ,I always feel better after first day of steroids n don't wanna take them rest of week thanks guys any advice welcome

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Hi I know how you feel about steroids I hate taking them too as do most of the people on this site but I find personally they really help. I can never sleep when I am on them but to get over an infection with the correct antibiotic is the only way. You haven’t said why you are on them and for a week or a small dose everyday?

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Hi patsy I've been on steroids for week because I had difficulty breathing so got on my back up steroids and got better by next day but had to continue taking them for week as doctor told me to


There is probably a difference in how you can take them, rather than a alternative.

Speak to your GP, if you have a concern with the tablet form.

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Thanks stone gonna see doc ask if I can go on steroid inhaler

I been put on a 3 Month 8 per day course the a reducing course to follow by locom consultant and already have osteoporosis (I'm male )and considerable damage to my spine partly caused by steroids over the years I've tried to see my GP to talk about my concerns but can't get an appointment with her young locum GP I saw said I'd need to speak to my Dr about this..virus cycle,don't see the consultant until course is finished.I sound like I'm correcting myself but I suppose when illness really kicks in I don't care what I take but I totally know where your coming from. Regards Ger

*then reducing course

I am on 6 tablets a day for 7 days from the gp the hospital disagree and say I should reduce by one tablet each day. As we are all so different I would consult your doctor to be safe. Good luck and I hope you can get an answer.

I hate taking steroids too as I'm hyper and don't sleep when I take them even though I take them at night. They do work well but of course my blood sugars rise then!! No win situation. Last time a doctor gave me some anti histamines instead. I don't know if they work as I didn't take them .

I hate steroids too. I was given a course of 7 days kast October and what with infections, breathing difficulties etc. I finally managed to refuce and finish the two weeks ago. After going to A&E last night with shortness of breath and sats of anywhere between 82-88 (I didn't want to go but you all know what husbands and daughters are like) anyhow after 4 hours and chest xray (clear) I agreed 30mgs of steroids for 3 days only and I will only take them for that time I cannot bear the thought of going bavk on them long term so I totally understand your pain Southp

Steroids are the pits but they are life savers. For one particularly bad episode, I took Dexamethisone as a "Pulse" treatment: full dose daily for 5 days and then off. That worked, although I was up most nights wide awake and raring to go, sweating like a horse. Prednisone works better for me on a tapering basis: 3 days each of 50mg, then 3 days of 45mg, and so on. By the time I get down to about 25 mg, I'm human again. It's a long haul but it works.

I have steroid in my inhaler but will not take oral steroids. I was healthy. I had to visit my gp for a mild problem (husband insisted). He noticed I was hunched. Pain in my neck and shoulders. Blood tests - result joint problem - so oral steroids. Within weeks I had a wrecked stomach, bruising, chest infection, followed by sinus infection, followed by chest infection. Dr refused to admit it could be steroids and dismissed my " raft of complaints."

I also found out from my optician that I have steroid cataracts.

I got fed up. saw a better dr. was sent to hospital. X-ray, bloods, ct scan. Now I have bronchiectasis and bronchiolitis obliterans. All stemming from the damage caused by the infections. As I only had a chest infection 3 times in my 62 years before steroids but almost constantly for 3 years until taking azithromycin 3 days a week, it's my belief that steroids compromised my immune system. The consultant at the hospital and my gp agree they "Don't suit you" so do not prescribe them.

However, for some people they are the best drug going. If you are worried speak to your doctor and, with hindsight, I'd suggest a second opinion if you think the doctor is not listening.

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