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X-ray results

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I was referred for an X-ray for cough with coloured phlegm and some blood. Docs secretary rang two days later saying Report says chest infection, but doc wants a repeat X-ray in 6/8 weeks. Why would they need to repeat it? I keep worrying about it. Could a chest infection disguise possible lung cancer maybe? Surely they could gauge an infection by blood/sputum tests, clinical symptoms etc, if just a chest infection showed up. I wonder why everybody doesn’t need follow up X-rays for infection, pneumonia. Can anyone advise please?

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Hiya Mags. It could be that the x-ray wasn't too clear, or that they've seen a shadow or some damage. Like the type that's left from pneumonia. I'm not an expert, just someone with Lung damage. But I think if it were Cancer, it would be more obvious and that if they suspected it, they would have booked you in for a Scan. Try not to overthink it. 😊✌️🌻

Hi there Magsann1 .

Try not to jump to any conclusions. Maybe they just want to make sure the infection has cleared up? I think if they suspected something sinister, they'd be getting you in much sooner for another scan. Just my opinion, but I hope everything goes okay. 😊

Best wishes,

Cas xx 🙋🐕

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I got out of hospital 3 weeks ago after having pneumonia and type 2 respiratory failure ) ...came home eventually and a app for an x ray has been sent for the 28th so I think it's just to check it's all cleared up ..try not to worry as if it was more sinister I'm sure u would be having other tests perhaps and sooner .....xxx

Thank you all for your kind comments. I suppose they wouldn’t leave anyone a couple of months if it was suggestive of a malignancy. Guess I just worry too much. Thank you again xx

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peege in reply to Magsann1

Yes, you're right. The coloured mucus indicated an infection so you're in fact really lucky that your GP is double checking.

There are so very, very many lung issues between a chest infection and lung cancer so please don't panic - you'll make yourself ill ! 😜

I believe childhood diseases like measles can leave little marks, shadows. Rest easy and get well soon. 😃

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katieoxo60 in reply to Magsann1

speaking from experience , if there were any doubt you would have been called back sooner for further investigation. The second Xray is most likely to check the infection is clear. Best wishes

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Magsann1 in reply to katieoxo60

Thank you for your reassuring reply. x

I agree with what others have said. I had a chest x-ray recently and it showed what the medical world term as being a suspicious density. Inside of a week I was in for a CT scan. This was just over a week ago so I'm hopeful that having not heard anything that it's nothing serious.

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Magsann1 in reply to Nickcv

Hope all is well for you, and thank you for your reply x

I've had follow up x rays several times. They're just to check that everything's cleared and are very reassuring. xx Moy

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Magsann1 in reply to MoyB

That’s very reassuring. Thank you for your reply. Much appreciated x

They are just being thorough. Did they prescribe any meds? If not & it hasn't cleared they'll prob give you anti-biotics &/or oral steroids..& maybe other tests. If symptoms get worse go back to your GP.

If you are anxious ask for a telephone appointment with your GP and explain you're worrying & ask her/him why it's necessary.

You're worrying 'cos you are a smoker? Give it up... NOW.

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I agree. If x ray showed anything they were really concerned with, you would have been lying down in a ct scanner for further eval. Sounds like things are ok which is good news. Take care

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