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Lung CT Scan showed: "Mild bilateral apical pleural and left lower lobe thickening"

32, 185cm, 85kg, Male, Questran Lite/Infliximab infusion medication, non-smoker, had Asthma and currently have Crohn's disease. I get atrial fibrillation only when I have a fever.

I got a cough earlier this year and my doctor did a CT scan which showed a bit of thickening on the lung. ("Mild bilateral apical pleural and left lower lobe thickening").

I stopped socially smoking and doing illegal drugs (I was stupid, I know- occasionally was having a cigarette when doing cocaine) and hanging around people who smoke and the cough went away.

I recently however have had a bit of shortness of breath, but I am not sure if this is just my anxiety over the whole situation.

What are the causes for the lung thickening? I had taken some illegal drugs earlier this year (eg Cocaine), can these things have an impact? When you look online for thickening of lungs you mostly get asbestos results, although the doctor said this is unlikely.



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Ok I have had exactly that in April, I am not a smoker or having any drugs apart from medical ones, but I can tell you that mine was due to a bacterial chest infection and I had 15 days antibiotics and steroids to clear it. Im much older than you and I have a lung disease so keep clean and keep on fighting, you will get over this.


Thanks Happylondon.


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