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How do you know when you need an inhaler?

Hi all,

A month ago, my pulmonologist told me I no longer had asthma, as my symptoms were gone and I performed well on my pulmonary functions test. He still gave me an inhaler just to be safe.

Today I had some really bad allergies though. I had an uncomfortable... ball of mucus feeling in the back of my throat that made it uncomfortable to breathe. Every time I took a deep breath, my throat felt like it burned or something. I decided I would try the inhaler to see if it would help.

It did clear the weird ball of mucus feeling in the back of my throat, but it made my chest feel really uncomfortably fluttery and I got really jittery. I felt super panicky and I just hated the experience. It didn’t help me much at all. It was a pretty strong inhaler, too. I took a deep breath again to try and calm the feeling and my throat still had that burning sensation. It didn’t really go away until I drank some really cold water.

I believe that burning sensation feeling I describe is inflammation, but I thought inhalers were supposed to help with inflammation? What do y’all think? Is my asthma back? Do I need an inhaler again or is that a normal symptom of bad seasonal allergies?

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Difficult to assess from here..

Are you breathless?

Mucus is unpleasant and can come from different causes..of course it could be the cause of your sore throat..

There are so many inhalers on the market..

A pulmonologist who tells you you are not asthmatic anymore but gives you an inhaler in case it comes back?

Well I’d go and see a different specialist..get better advised on your condition, get an appropriate treatment.

Take good care of yourself.


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