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Hi everyone. I’ve just found out from my holiday insurance company, World First, that the policy will not now cover my medical condition for Pulmonary Fibrosis because I’m on ambulatory oxygen. I’m so mad because I also paid an extra £100 to cover a cruise. We are due to fly to the States beginning of May. I’ve tried to find another company, but at £2,500 it’s a no no ! I wish I hadn’t informed them of the oxygen.

Can anyone help with recommendations for cover to USA and Baltic cruise in August ? I would be such a happy bunny, as I’m feeling pretty naff at the mo.

Thanks, Wendy.

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Hi Stone. I get so far filling in the online form, then will not let me proceed !

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Try the free phone number. 0800 458 0487

Online forms normal stop when a question as not been answered, or they can no longer assist.

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Cheers stone.

It is the worst thing you can do to fail to tell an insurance company everything, they will use it as an excuse not to pay for anything. Much better to follow Stone's advice and either use a broker or do your own research by spending a day on the telephone. Insurance for the U.S. is likely to expensive anyway. We use All Clear, who are helpful and not as expensive as some. Good luck xx

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Hi there Carnival567. I took this multi trip insurance out last November and my lung disease is on the policy. I have only recently started ambulatory oxygen, I was just informing no them. It appears that once you mention the word OXYGEN, that’s when you hit problems. I’ve been on the phone all day, any everyone is telling me the same.

Thanks for your response.


Wendy,if your fibrosis is manageable with medication and oxygen and you feel strong enough and confident that you won't have a sudden exacerbation i would go with your standard insurance with named conditions and enjoy your vacations,with serious conditions we will never get affordable cover and risk shutting ourselves away for ever and not enjoying life,i work on the basis that if i have enough money in the bank to fly my body back then i am not going to let anything get in my way of enjoying life..............Reckless Ski's and a cat that may need a new owner xx

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Hi ski school. I did say forget the oxygen and just leave as it was, but not prepared to accept that as I’ve now informed them about it. My husband thinks we should just go anyway, regardless. We will see. We are going to see my step daughter, so we are close to family. Many thanks and regards Wendy.

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Wendy,take your o2,you need that ,rearrange your insurance with exceptions and just accept they won't pay out for related problems, then you have told them the truth and you have family to support you if you have a problem,go and have a wonderful time...regards Ski's and Scruffs x

Hi joneswm

The same thing has happened to me last month. I will be going to Jamaica next month and I have my insurance from my bank who always charge me more for named medical conditions, however when I called to renew my medical upgrade and mention Pulmonary fibrosis and have two lots of chest infections since Christmas I was told they can insure me for everything except the Pulmonary fibrosis.

I tried other insurance companies online and some said sorry they couldn't insure me whilst one other said over £4000. I then decided I am going to go anyway and I'm going this Thursday for another fit to fly test (as it has to be done within 30 days of flying). I had one done in February and I'm okay with 2 litres of oxygen which the Airline will supply free whilst airborne.

Since deciding to take a chance to fly without the appropriate insurance I found a list of insurance companies that I was given at the Respiratory centre when I was first given oxygen who will insure me so I tried one and they wanted just over £1000. I didn't pay as I'm not paying that much money out.

I could help some disadvantage child or two or even three with that money. I'm prepared to stay in Jamaica if I become ill.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday with no setback. Praying for a cure and healing.

God bless.

Maureen 🙏🏽

Hi Maureen. It seems everywhere I turn there is an obstacle of sorts to overcome. I had a fit to fly inMarch, don’t need oxygen to fly. I was told by the clinical specialst nurse it only needs repeating if medical condition changes ! After reading your post, I’m unsure whether this correct. Enjoy your trip too. We soldier on and pray for a cure.

Best wishes

Wendy xx

Hi I took out a policy with make sure insurance , premium was reasonable and they cover worldwide, but not sure what their criteria is in respect of oxygen users, but worth asking I guess

I used to have travel insurance through my last bank and I had to declare all health conditions otherwise if I got ill out there with COPD I wouldn’t be covered. The policy was part of the bank and cost peanuts however the policy went up with my condition so I told them I didn’t want to be covered for it but for everything else. Obviously if I got I’ll during the holiday with my lungs then I would pay for health care. Good luck

I use Travel insurance 4medical. I covered my emphysema bronchietasis p.f arthritis and a.f. including usa and worldwide travel. Yearly covered for £742. Phone 0345 90 80 121. Hope you get sorted it's just another bit of hassle to cope with. Jane

Hi! Have you tried Age UK insurance? I have Bronchiectasis and don’t need oxygen but still had problems getting a decent quote for a trip to Canada including an Alaskan cruise. Age Uk were reasonable. Good luck!

I am with Age Uk, my husband has gone with a different company as he doesn’t need special cover. Please don’t go without insurance, a friend had a brain haemorrhage on holiday and wouldn’t have been flown home in a private jet without it.

Hi Wendy, I am going to Spain in july and fully covered with FISH Insurance through BLF. I was in a coma due to having Swine Flu 4 years ago, which has left me with several complex illness. I am on Oxygen, have chronic lung and heart problems have Osteoporosis and paralysed left leg which I am wheelchair dependent too. I am only £68 and my daughter is covered free as she is classed as my carer. I used Fish insurance last year and they are fantastic company and couldn’t believe how cheap it was to be fully covered. I don’t know if you are more expensive if you are going a long haul flight. Hope this helps you.


Try a quote with Staysure

I used to use stay sure ,when i told them i had been in hospital they put an extra £100 on ,so i just left it .

Try Puffin insurance.jones. They were recommended​ for disabilities on Martin's Money Tips. i have them and have COPD n chronic Asthma but not on Oxygen. Worth a go.😊🌻✌️

I have found in the past that a lot of Insurance companies are way beyond my means as I have flown with oxygen due to my COPD. However they will often insure you and although aware of your condition not cover for it, in my case as I have the right medication to take in case of a flare up I do not worry but it may be different for you with your problem

Towergate insurance covered me and my daughter to go to the US over Easter. I have SVT (heart arrhythmia) and a couple of other minor issues, ‘littleun’ has Cystic fibrosis and spent 5 months as an inpatient last year. She’s not on oxygen outside of hospitalisation with severe exacerbations, but most companies - including many of the ones claiming good rates for pre-existing conditions - either wouldn’t cover her at all or wanted £600+. Towergate covered us both on a medical policy for £160 and actually asked sensible medical questions about both of us, the excess was really reasonable too. They seemed to have some idea of what they (and I) we’re talking about. Didn’t have to pay extra when I notified them she went in for 2 weeks IVs and a portacath replacement in February either. As others have said, having just returned, I would strongly advise you don’t travel without appropriate medical cover: you’d have to cover the costs directly if the worst happened and you needed help. A simple chest x-ray in the ER can cost in the region of a grand, basic bloods are in the hundreds - it soon mounts up even if you’re discharged within a couple of hours having just had a once over. Good luck!

Try Staysure or Holiday Extras, good luck!

Hiya. Ive got IPF not on oxygen yet but i always go with get going insurance i find them really gd and reasonable give them a try. Good luck Xx

Hi In Canada I have travel insurance that does not require disclosing all of my Health problems. The only draw back is that the trip must be 17 days or less. You also will need to be 185 days without any related sickness to a previous condition before the trip.


Hi, Have you tried Staysure, they indicate that they insure you even with pre-existing medical conditions. 08000087756


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Stay sure are very expensive.I have just iinsured with Get going I have IPF but not on oxygengood luck

I agree Ronnie13844,they have gone sky high.i have stoped useing stay i am looking for a resonable insurance .

Hi Joneswm, I too have just been informed my company will not cover me for any lung related illness. As I have bronchiectasis and asthma plus a dozen other problems I am really upset. I asked why and I was told that all the insurance companies have put up their prices and changed their rules due to a surge of claims last year. I have always had annual insurance and have enjoyed holidays whenever we could go, I now feel tethered to home. I contacted Healthunlocked and they gave me a list of travel insurers. After what seemed like hours of sitting at the computer I was told by all the companies that they either could not cover me or to take out single holiday insurance. Good luck, Maximonkey

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