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I am looking for 2 (Two) INOGEN ONE G3 16 CELL BATTERY BA 316 for my InogenOne G3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator. Please let me know and I will reply to any offer as soon as possible. Thank you in advance. xx

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If your request is for airline use, you may find they are not acceptable. Only the smaller 8 cell battery are permitted. Check with airline.

PollyP in reply to stone-UK

Good idea to check with the airline. I have heard that 16 cell are no longer permitted but I took mine long haul in December . 😊

Thank you for your reply. Will get hubby to phone British Airways and ask.

Blimey imagine if we turned up at the airport and wasnt allowed to board with those size batteries :o

Ok if you want to fly with a concentrator always call the airline special assistance first. They were fantastically helpful!

You will need to complete health forms and get your doctor to sign them, then get them back for the airlines to sign off.

The batteries are Litium Ion so def need to get the airline to agree to carry them.

In fact when I flew long haul Dec- Jan 2018 it was very easy. The form filling was more stressful than flying with a POC!

And you can board amongst the first - make life a little easier.

Get a lift from the motor buggy to the gate at Heathrow 😊

I bought my extra battery for Inogen G3 from eBay - second hand.

Ask more if you need to I will try my best to answer.


Thanks for your reply Polly. He has got 2 batteries so far but worried it wont be enough for the 13 hour flight. We plan to fly premium economy and trying to find out if the plane has sockets for recharging. He's already phoned up and checked and they said 16 cell ones are ok to take on board. He seems to think ok for him to take 2 and me to take 2 but I dont have copd.

Oh yeah, just to add, yes have been looking on ebay too but nothing at the moment. He got one on there a few months ago.

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