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Gasps/pins & needles


I was diagnosed with c.o.p.d in 2017 , then this year I was also diagnosed with Emphysema , last year I began making uncontrollable gasps now I'm experiencing pins and needles across my back....can anyone tell me if this this part of Emphysema ?

I suffer from neuralgia and have pins and needles in my leg ...just wondering if the neuralgia is getting worse or part of Emphysema. I was told to take phlegm samples to my GP if problems appear' so I did ...a week later I was told to contact my GP , when I did I was asked why I handed the samples in ? then asked about colours it was ? I wondered if my local actually tested the samples, after answering the questions. He said something like M.R.S.A " BUT NOT M.R.S.A " showed up but I was told I wouldn't be receiving treatment to treat it ( not bothered about the treatment but for " something like M.R.S.A but not M. R.S.A .?) I stopped using my local hospital about 8 years ago it's a long story .

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Hello Hidden and welcome to the forum. We had a very similar query about a year ago. Click on the link if you want to read it whilst awaiting other responses.

I would like some replies to your uncontrollable gasps as I often get these.

Dedalus in reply to Nik72

The gasps definitely sound like sleep apnea, for which you would need to be tested (an overnight stay in a sleep clinic)

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