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Nebulizing Colloidal Silver Reviews ?


Im trying out Nebulizing Colloidal Silver at 500 PPM for my COPD. It seems to be doing a much greater job at alleviating the cause of my COPD which is infection and inflammation then bronchodilators. Bronchodilators only give temporary relief of inflammation but doesn’t treat infection and some bronchodilators actually make you more prone to chest infection which is leathel for COPD. My improvement include, higher SPO2, unproductive cough ceased, wheezing ceased, and bronchioles are no longer inflamed. Has anyone else tried nebulizing Colloidal Silver I would like to hear your review please.

7/4/18 - EDIT: Thanks everyone for sharing your views on this subject. You can use information from the site to inform your discussions and explore treatment options with your health care professionals. You should always consult a health care professional if you’re thinking about changing treatment or medication. The post will now be 'locked' to further replies.

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Thanks for that,have since been reading on a site institute katharos very interesting and have ordered a bottle myself as I’m sick of the side effects of inhalers so will be nebulising that gear and see how that goes 👍

Please be aware Alan that this substance is not recognised as a treatment for lung disease by any recognised experts and is considered dangerous by many. Read what the Mayo clinic has to say here:

And the BLF certainly don't recommend it.

Thanks,I’m at my wits end with inhalers can’t tolerate any dry powder ones or steroids due to throat and fungal infections im Just nebulising ventolin after reading on the institute katharos site nebulising seems like an option I had read injesting the stuff was banned in 2010 as a food supplement in the eu I’m just desperate I suppose thank you for the warning mm .

Hello Alan 👋 😊

I would urge extreme caution. Before any drug or treatment is deemed safe there is a need to conduct substantial and extensive studies in order to validate it's usefulness and fully understand the side effects, yet, to date most of the tests conducted on Colloidal Silver have been conducted in petri dishes and test tubes (with the exception of surface wounds etc.) not within the human body, which is, as everyone knows far, far more complex than a small glass dish. What happens on a petri dish and what would happen long term in something as complex as the human body are two very different sets of circumstances.

Of course you must do as you deem fit, but as my friend, I do worry about you. So please proceed with extreme caution.

Cas xx 🙋🐕

Good morning and thank you 😊that’s me told off ,ille stick to just the ventolin and a prayer,hope the sun is shining in Tokyo for you,🌞🌳😏x

Not trying to push you into anything.... Just saying. 😐 😕

I appreciate your concern thank you x

Amsbli in reply to Caspiana

Sure just keep taking what doctors tell you to take and keep monitoring your regression. Seems like nothing is being done except doctors monitoring regression of COPD

Caspiana in reply to Amsbli

Thank you for your "concern" . I would courteously and respectfully ask you to not make assumptions about my condition or "regression" as you know nothing about either.

Amsbli in reply to Caspiana

I will continue to post my expereince with colloidal silver good and bad. So for its great with improvement in every aspect in Lung function.

Caspiana in reply to Amsbli

I don't recall ever suggesting you shouldn't.

Interesting post and I get where your coming from but not a good idea to upset b.l.f.s much loved little missy c.

wow thank you, please keep us updated.

Please note that whilst we do allow discussions of alternative treatments on the forum, BLF have no knowledge of any research being done on this form of treatment in the UK. It isn't in any guidelines that they are aware of, nor would they ever recommend anyone tries a treatment like this when it hasn't been recommended by their consultant.


I have read the link above to the Mayo clinic. How anyone would inhale this into their lungs is beyond me. There have been other posts on here and discussions about people using it and their skin turning blue; and staying blue because apparently it is permanent. If the Mayo clinic say don't use it and the BLF say don't use it that's good enough for me.

Sillysausage234 in reply to Toci

Have you watched avatar?blue skin is not that bad a look with the right hairdo.


Well it’s safe enough to ingest. And also use topically. I’m also reporting a definite improvement in my symptoms. Bronchodilators are known to temporarily treat the inflammation and the infection a main cause of COPD progression. A lot of bronchodilators like I already said compound infection symptoms. Collidal Silver is known to kill bacteria viral bacterial and anti fungal.

It’s good people are sceptical but my copd is not under control with the inhalers so imflamation pain and upper respiratory infection is my problem and nebulising this gear makes good reading granted don’t swig the stuff straight from the bottle with your corn flakes.


Worth a read before embarking on a untried or documented product.

Read all pages.

"some bronchodilators actually make you more prone to chest infection which is leathel for COPD". Do you have any evidence to back up your quote please i think we would all be interested to see that.

Inhalers of any description if used incorrectly could encourage infection as they are designed for the contents to reach the lungs,used incorrectly you just spray the back of your throat and probably encourage existing bacteria to grow.Correct inhalation techniques should minimise that risk.

We welcome free speech and discussion on the forum,it's what keeps it alive but expect debate and considerable disbelief as to the validity of your claims which would need to be backed up by scientific data.

Good luck in your trials with this substance and obviously we hope you do yourself no harm i hope your short term temporary relief isn't complicated by a long term problem later on.

regards Skis and Scruffs


skischool in reply to Amsbli


I cant speak for the moderation on this site of your previous contributions and often they will bend over backwards to allow a topic to flow but the terms and conditions of contributing to the site are clearly advertised.

In the UK our drugs are regulated and as such most bronchodilators are only allowed on prescription by a doctor who will invariably discuss any know side effects,We tend not to see advertisements for un regulated drugs not available without prescription and even if advertised promoters need to follow strict guidelines as to their claims.

i am sorry that you do not appear to have the evidence of your claim to hand with regard to your statement about most bronchodilators and as i said before i wish you good luck in the future.......regards Skis and a calm cat

This original post was titled just putting it out there or something and good you feel it works.i read somewhere dog chews help reflux problems so I eat loads of denti stix although it says on the packet not for human consumption,I’ve still got reflux but they do taste good and my dentist has no objections 😊

Just be careful that you don't start dagging your bottom across the carpet, put your back out trying to lick between your toes or get run over stopping to have a good scratch whilst crossing the road. :-)

😂I must admit I’ve been a lot warmer lately as I bring a lot more sticks home for the woodburner.

You state "the cause of my COPD [which] is infection and inflammation" . . . this needs correcting.

Infection and inflammation do not cause copd - but you will be more prone to infection and inflammation if you have copd and they will likely make your copd worse. Copd is caused by any of the following: smoking, environmental or occupational pollution, or hereditary factors, and maybe others Ive forgotten at this point.

Repeated infections like pneumonia can be a cause of bronchiectasis but not copd.

I have researched this. I suggest that anyone who is thinking of using this product goes onto the FDA site. This is the only recognised research into the affects that I can find. Unfortunately it deals with the affects BUT they are from post mortem observations.

Hello, and you most certainly did misunderstand.

I know you didn't mean it that way Alan. xx 😊

Perish the thought, hope you got out today just woke up to rain ☔️ so pipi is not best pleased with wet fur😊

Thank you jackdup . I know Alan wasn't meaning to sound sarcastic. It's all good. xx 😊👍

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