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Prednislone use


I some time ago I posted about mistaking10 mg for 5mg and using 60mg per day . This usage was for about 3weeks until I saw 10 imprinted on it. and on the same day had an Achilles’ tendon tear. I have now reduced to 15mg per day. I am 76 and still working but if I go below 15 mg I find I am not fit to work. I think I am stuck with them for the rest of my life but if things stay as they are I will be Happy enough. Only snag is easy bruised and back of hands pretty black and blue.

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Congratulations on continuing to work, so do I, full-time, but then I am 8 years younger than you and an engineer too, production engineering. I know all too well about the state the backs of our hands get and arms get as well. Check with your GP about keeping the 15mg as a maintenance dose, many do take them as such.

Crankshaft in reply to 2greys

Thanks 2greys, we not getting our of this world alive anyhow so I like my work as I’m sure you do but I’d prefer to work a year or two able to reasonably breath as struggle for breath for ten years. Hope you are able to continue at least as long as me or even longer . I must say I didn’t like the time I was on 60mg because even my sight got blurred. I don’t think people in general realise the physical and emotional distress this curse of an illness causes in our private moments . Very kind of you to comment . God bless!

Hiya Crankshaft.

R .E your bruising. I have bought some protective sleeves that hopefully will prevent damage to my hands and arms when I do gardening and DIY etc . They are made of Kevlar and I'm certain that they'll do the trick, I've just got to remember to wear them. 🖒

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