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Air purifier.


I bought what i thought was an air purifier recently. However i think as well as being an air purifier it is an ioniser which i know is not good for our conditions because of the ozone factor. I’m a bit confused now, so have switched it off and have found one ( more expensive), that says no ozone and is just an air purifier. It is a homedics hepa air purifier fan. Any advice would help. Thank you friends.

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Hi sheepdog. I don’t know about the ioniser/ozone factor bit as I thought that was a myth. However you could look at the Allergy UK website, they have some they recommend. I’m getting two Meaco purifiers, one for bedroom & one for living room. You have to make sure it covers your allergy & also that it’s the right size for the room, so it changes the air regularly every hour

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Thank you.

Hi sheepdog, can you switch the ioniser part off......I have an air purifier that you can either use with or without the ioniser. Have a look at the instructions.

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Hi, no i dont think so. There is no switch facility. All there is is on/off switch and 2 fan speed switches. I have now ordered one that i have been assured is just an air purifier, no ioniser so mo ozone. I’d rather pay and get the right things to make life more comfortable. Thank you for your reply.

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no ozone, ( i often miss the right button on here!).

I'm not sure about that really but I use salt lamps they're very nice.

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A friend has just given her salt lamp away because she's sure it's killed her houseplant. Anyone else had that problem ? Sheila x

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Not a good idea to have a plant beside the salt lamp, unless the plant is a seaside plant.

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If its not safe for a plant is it safe for us? I thought about getting one but unsure. Apart from copd i have high blood pressure thats controlled with medi.

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We're a bit bigger than the usual house plant and can usually cope. I use a salt lamp when I have an infection as the salt helps to kill the bugs. As I have raised blood pressure and I'm on potassium losing meds, I have a low salt diet and don't put the salt lamp on all the time.

The first air purifier I bought 2 years ago is just like that. It was recommended by ‘Which’ at the time and I didn’t even realise it had an ioniser you can’t turn off. I found it hard to source useful info about the ionising effect but have read somewhere that it may not be very much. I now keep it upstairs on the landing but only turn it on during the day. I air the bedrooms a lot so keeping fingers crossed. My new one, a Philips make without ioniser and several filters, is absolutely brilliant. Its sensors are ultra sensitive and jump into action often before I even notice a smell. I keep this one downstairs in the hall which works well as it is able to clean a large space!

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Thank you for your reply. Very helpful. Yes i will use my original one in another room but use the new one in my downstairs living room where i spend a lot of time. It is advertised on the asthma website( i have copd), so it must be safe.

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