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Emphysema diagnosis after ct scan

Hi was told I had COPD a while ago. After finally having a ct scan I’ve just been told I have emphysema (and slight bronchiectasis in one lung) my Fev1 is 62% at the moment. Could any kind person that has the same let me know how they are getting on with emphysema, how long had it and how it’s progressed for them. I’m 60 normal weight and BMI. I was quite fit until I had a bad flare up that lasted most of December and January . Would like a good realistic idea of what I’m dealing with. Stopped smoking ages ago but have the odd relapse! My lungs seemed to have deteriorated in the past 6 months. I walk a lot 2 days a week at work and try to be pretty active. Please let me know how it affects you and how if it’s been stable. The lung specialist told me it can suddenly go down quick at intervals like a step after a flare up / infection and not get back to the level it was prior to that. So I’m worried now.

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Hello. The thing that leapt out at me from your post was that you still sometimes smoke. Every time you do this you are damaging your lungs further. Please try to give up all together. As to your diagnosis, 62% puts you at a stage where you have the time and the opportunity to improve your lung function. You can't cure the disease but you can slow it right down. Many also find that stopping smoking, taking appropriate exercise and eating well helps to improve their results. Talk to your GP (and your specialist if you get no joy with the GP) about keeping a 'rescue' pack of antibiotics and steroids at home to use immediately they are needed. Lung infections can start Friday evening and then no GP surgery until Monday, or later if it is a Bank Holiday.

Emphysema is a part of COPD (along with chronic bronchitis) Now I have said all that I can reassure you that you do not have an imminent death sentence. Properly managed your lungs will see you through and the likelihood is you will die with COPD (emphysema) rather than from it IF you stop smoking. :)


Thank you sound advice

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I agree with Mrs Mummy stop smoking. It is perhaps the most important thing you can do. All the rest is pointless until you stop. I am 59 diagnosed 14 months ago. Yes it is true that after infection your breathing can go down but on the other hand it can improve with lifestyle changes, exercise good diet etc. But that word again not if you smoke. My fev1 improved from 51 to 63%.


My fev1 improved from 37% to 50%. You must stop smoking and never, ever start again. In fact you must stay away from all types of smoke, dust and pollution.


That was a good increase for you. You are right re the smoking it seems like a holiday catastrophe in my case so I will not take holidays for a while I think just in case! I do find that when we have the multi fuel burner on it affects my breathing.


Thanks sounds like you are doing all the right things what a great improvement you made.

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