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Worried if heart failure

Hi, recently a few months ago I had symptoms of acid reflux, and along with shortness of breath and chest pains. I went to the hospital, and did a chest X-ray , blood test for thyroid etc and urine sample, but everything was clear. I did have symptoms such as feeling of palpitations skip a beat etc, but I wasn’t to worried as tests came back normal.

Now my chest pains are slightly gone, and my breathing was better then before, as it felt like I couldn’t get a full breath, but now it’s as if I will suffocate if I don’t get a full breath but I do. I also breathe very rapidly when exercising, and I just noticed recently if I breath to fast like I’m not getting air in because it too fast, it turns blue, that only when I exercise to hard and goes back to normal.

I know all results were normal and stuff, but I just don’t know how to get these thoughts out of my head, as I have anxiety, it’s difficult.

I also suffered from IBS And am a 17 year old male.

So if anybody could tell me if I’m having these heart problems but the symptoms I provided, would help.


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HI again, If all your tests come back as normal it seems to me that this is psychological and down to your anxiety. Don't take this the wrong way but I suggest you speak to your doctor and get some psychiatric checks done, there is no stigma associated with this these days and from experience of my teens it often helps with stress and anxiety. Anxiety must be caused by some underlying fear or other issue and I think you need to deal with this issue before jumping to the wrong conclusions.

I could be wrong in this as I am not a doctor and have no medical background but so far all your tests are showing negative for any issues. Your doctor prescribed beta blockers for anxiety and he must have had a reason so suggest that you ask him again why? You do not mention an ECG or other heart tests and I would have expected to see something of these tests if your doctor or the hospital had suspected any heart issues.

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Hi, the beta blockers were prescribed my mistake, as others suggest not for my age. Yes, that’s true, the young hospital doctor suggested I didn’t need to do a test for heart problems, but unsure.


I would suggest getting a second opinion. It is worth it I think.

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