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Found my One and Only Proper Spirometry Flow chart today, Makes one think unless I am misreading it

So by proper I mean sitting in a cubicle with nose clip and face mask:) My other ones have been desk-top units one in Russia and one at my UK ex GP (ex because I was removed from the surgery list for not going to visit for over 6 months)

Readings did not really give me cause for worry and I wonder why, after looking up the GOLD guidelines, I was diagnosed so early. I guess it must have been the cough and that I was a smoker.

So first mention was Moscow Russia in April 2013

Second check was my GP in September 2013

3rd was December 2015 and these are the only real results I have ever seen apart form CT and x-ray.

VC in 81.9% of predicted

FVC 89.5% of predicted

FEV1 83.8% of predicted

FEV1 % VC Max 90.5% of predicted

I think I really need to have this done again:) because that is not how it feels now.

The peak flow is something I measure on a regular basis and generally it is around 88% of predicted at around 500 but can get as low as 320 and I have seen high 650's or slightly more but I think they must have been a fluke.

Any thoughts - have I been misdiagnosed:) :) only joking guys :) I am sure the current numbers are way below the above ones and this probably due to my 4 years of denial.

Forgot to mention that the predicted values are different or seem to be different depending on where you are and who you are (American or European or Eastern and so on) when I looked for them I found the ones used were higher than European which kind of makes sense here as the Hospital is located in the same place as the US 5th Fleet so most of the specialists expect to treat Americans.

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Well you were on the up!! That was good.

Good luck for your next pulmonary functions x


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From memory the specialist said she could hear me coming down the corridor to her room I was coughing so violently that was about a week before the test. At that time I did not even consider there to be anything wrong with me apart from the persistent cough. I think that was a bad coughing time maybe about a month before I decided to go and see about it so..........


Poor you..hope you enjoy better days in this warmer country..coughing plays with the stats because we can’t do properly what we are told to.

The worse for me is when the machine blocks and you have to carry on huffing and puffing. I mean who invented such a machine 😃 even if it has its purpose I suppose..

Anyway it gets better when you go every 3 months as I do, it becomes a ritual. I just file the report with the others nowadays and life goes on.


It might be warm here but the dust is a killer:)

My specialist here is great but sometimes relies upon the peak flow. Need to suggest that it might be time again for the, as has been called on here several times, Tardis.

One other thing that baffled me was the above were before the Salbutamol was given, the results after it were about 3 to 4%age points down across the range so instead of helping it hindered the flow.

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Yes I forgot about the dust I expect so..

Haha..I like the Tardis image!! Well said!!

Could be that by that stage we are so worn out..worth asking though..It used to be if it is positive you have asthma but I don’t respond to the reversibility test anymore and they give me 4 puffs. Your lungs get used to Salbutamol/Ventolin if you take it regularly..so I was told.

Bye for now x

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I think all this FEV is to appeases masses ... a proper measure of lung function I think is gas conversion.

Me personally my numbers FEV are like your YET twice I have been at hospital suffering acidosis

Sure panic attacks can cause that so can poor gas conversion I no all about panic attacks BUT I don’t know what my lung gas pershion rate is.

Clearly am over thinking WELL that’s what my lung doc.s WOULD say.


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