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Wreckless & Unprofessional

Seen GP re Lung Clinc discharging me and stoping my maintenance antibiotic’s.

Few things was bounced about INC lung clinic doctor after feather in the🧢

Guess from discharging those who are sick they deemed well.

Guess that’s where Wreckless & Unprofessional comes into it.

Everything my original lung doctor as said SHE retracted.

Like Bronchitiasis I don’t have Bronchitiasis but I do have enlarged airways IS there grades of Bronchitiasis OR is she talking of occupational airways diseases AS that’s only condition I know as grades.

My original lung doctor said upper part of my lungs are trashed SO have to breath from lower part of lungs.

She said I had touch of emphysema BUT I know it puts me at risk of upper airway infections ALSO like I said to my GP that’s why when am constipated or gut bloats I can’t breath properly.

Then we got to antibiotics’s and GPS opening times AMBULANCE 🚑 waiting times AS you can get sick very quick when lung diseased.

So where is her provision to make sure am well safe.

Also I talked about how lung clinic as not done any test on blood gas or fev for 5 years AND how can they discharge someone with out doing further lung function test or cause of there diease.

Told GP practice nurse knows more about my lung function THAN lung clinic.

My GP agreed and said I did have very good points re being discharged and tests.

Quite concerning really HOW they are quite prepared to discharge you on face value with out further test.

So what lessons have I learnt MAKE sure your GP’s know your normal Spo2 number.

And don’t let any lung clinic discharge you unless it’s safe for you them to do so

As taking what some lung doctors say do can Is Wreckless & Very Unprofessional.

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I can’t believe you’re being treated so badly. Do you have any comeback? I hope so.

Take care JAS. xxxx


Yer I told my GP am not letting them discharge as the being Wreckless & Unprofessional.

Am GOING to try see immunity allergy doctor in meantime re antibodies especially as lung doctors don’t even know why giving me antibiotics.

My original lung doctor said it’s lung nurcrosis.


Methinks it is all target driven?


I don’t think your far wrong AFTER all it’s not like the curing us


OMG imagine you were someone who didn't have the knowledge,understanding and the red tape ....what would happen to you. Would you just be filed away and seen once a year as if to say "we've not totally forgotten you?" It makes me mad because you are having to fight your corner, whilst feeling like a bag of poop and after all that,you care for your lovely Dad. Keep going because it takes one person to raise a valid point/issue but then 10 people to agree/disagree. Good for you,just wish you were feeling better.


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