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Kidney disease

I saw my consultant a week ago and was told i had a 2cm lesion on my left kidney...i had a ct scan on my lungs a few days later..not sure how long i will have too wait for the results of the lung ct scan???

The doctor said they might do a biopsy on the kidney...

Bit confused with it all....will they remove my kidney...how dangerous is this lesion..should i stop worrying???

Thanks for any advice..Paul

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Hi sorry to read about issues MY understanding is lesion to be change I.e from normal to abnormal GUESS that’s why they want to do biopsy.

As could be diease or something else.

Have heard lesions called all sorts WHY doctors don’t use plane English is beyond me as adds to anxiety in my view.

Anyway good news is you have to kidneys NOW if your women I would ask about UTI and infection control AS more women suffer UTI so to have one remaining kidney would be something to discuss when it comes to UTI and protecting last from infection’s

Men don’t suffer from lot of UTI unless have diabetes.

Sounds like the being proactive and cautious AND that’s always good thing in my opinion.

Hope all turns out well and it’s nothing really to worry about

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Thankyou for your reply...i hope all is going to be ok...

Yes would be nice to use plain English..and be told whats going on...

Will post once i get some more information....



Hello Paul.

These things are always such a worry. I would love to say "don't worry" but I know how it is. I suppose doing a biopsy will help rule out any nasty surprises later on. As for the CT scan, did they not tell you when to come in for the results? Here we are told on the same day after the test by the doctor but I guess it's a different system.

I do hope it will be okay. Try not to jump to conclusions about what it is. Could turn out to be harmless.

Sending best wishes.

Cas xx 😊


Hi cas..

Thankyou...no i wasnt told anything after my ultra sound..got a call too come in on a saturday for a ct scan...had to wait to see consultant..thats when i was told and shown the picture of my left kidney...

Just had another ct scan on my lungs a few days ago..so waiting on the results of that...

Also waiting now to find out exactly what is going to happen next...

Soon as i get any info i will post it up...

Thanks again Paul....

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He did say Kidney.

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My mistake. You may find more focussed help here:


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First point it is still very early days. Until you find out the result then all this will be speculation. A Renal biopsy (kidney) is a relatively quick and simple procedure normally done under ultrasound. You are normally in and out in a day. What happens then will then depend on the result. Kidney cancer is relatively rare and there are numerous other reasons for lesions, At worst you will loose one kidney the good news is that you have two. There is a massive over production in the kidneys and you can function normally with one. It's easy to say do not worry but we are only human and it's very natural to want answers. Please keep us informed.


Hi...Thankyou for the reply...probably worrying over nothing...

As soon as i get any more info i will post it..

Thanks again..Paul


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