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Young diagnosis = sorter life? 32 with 60%

May I ask as I've been diagnosed at 32 with 60% and usually it would be much older will that mean I will pass a lot younger? Having young children I worry but would rather the truth than be sugar coated or lied too, been afraid to really ask any only doc which as I have said in previous post told me it will continue to worsen and all I can do is slow it down a little by stopping smoking which I done straight away.

I'd like to think I can stop it but I know deepe down I have gotten a lot worse over the last year or so even before I got diagnosed. Lots of infections always heavy steroids and anti biotics no energy and finding the things I used to be able to do really difficult, stairs are an issue never mind trying to walk around the park with my youngest four year old son.

Can't help feeling even though I'm doing everything in my power and taking the steps I can I wont be here in 10 years time, in fact ten years is hopeful

Seems to be progressing really fast, are there types that move more quickly than others? I understand through reading that there are different branches of copd.

Sorry to go on but I don't like talking to my wife about it as I can see she gets upset and to be honest it upsets me so I try to forget about it but that's I,possible for me when I'm the one who struggles. I see the changes even if I try not to show it so when my three kids are in bed and my wife is sleeping it plaugues me

Any answers would be much appreciated even if it's not what I want to hear

I understand everyone on here likes to stay positive but sometimes you have to face the truth of what you feel and the changes you are seeing

Thank you all for time and responses

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I've just been reading the great responses that you received yesterday, and the only advice I can give you is to change your doctor and ask to be referred to a respiratory consultant. You have a right to appropriate care, so don't be fobbed off. I lost a dear friend last year, she was 70, but she was diagnosed when she was 10. Please try not to worry so much, as that in itself can affect your physical health. Wishing you the best of luck. XXX


Hi again. I know it's hard for you but until you know what you've got it's impossible to say (and we're not doctors). You could ring the BLF help line on Monday, 03000 030555 they're really helpful. P


You’ve got life in front of you Tommy!!

Having young children and responsibilities that makes you aware of your own mortality, that’s all.

That’s enough I know but you have stopped smoking, you are going to follow doctor’s advice, healthy living, healthy eating..

I think you need antidepressants for a while. We do with a chronic illness, learning about it can be a shock..

And get to the park with your four year old son, just breathing fresh air and having fun, giving him your fatherly love will make wonders.

So go back to the doctor’s and say what you wrote to us, so you can have reassurance, and meds..take care x Fran


A few years ago I had a nodule on my lung a panel of doctors assured me it was cancer and that I needed to have surgery right away, didn't want to but what can you say to a panel of nine. I didn't have cancer and have been hospitalized ten times. They gave me six months to live. I just. wouldn't die. One night I was feeling pretty helpless and started praying I asked for a miracle. I still have COPD but it is more manageable. I give credit to God.you are pretty young to have it that bad. Do exercises to build up your lungs.


Have you been seen by a doctor who specialises in respiratory disease .copd is not a death sentance and it can be manage with the right medication .you just need to come out fighting every days bonus if you wake up and your not knocking wood its another day to watch your kids grow up life is for living not worrying about how long you have thats the universal question no one csn answer


Try not to get ahead of yourself. You might want to find another GP who will not fob you off and be cavalier with his comments without actually being of any help or telling you anything. If it were me I woul push for a referral to a respiratory consultant, epecially as you feel your condition has deteriorated over the last year. I haven't got the same condition as you but I hate for anyone to be short changed. Try and ease up on worrying alone and get proactive with regard to getting proper treatment.

love cx


In my experience, which covers a lot of years, GPs know very little about resp. conditions and do a lot of guessing. Get a referral to a specialist who will put a name to your condition and from there you can progress. Until you do this you will be in a state of stress and worry and it's all probably needless.


I really feel for you, to get such a devastating diagnosis when you have young children must be so frightening. I have copd as well and mine was also progressing quite fast, one illness after another. One thing seems to have really helped me and that is taking high doses of vitamins. It sounds mad but if your body has nothing to fight with of course you will get worse. My nephew researched it on the internet, there are doctors who swear by these methods. The main thing is it gave me my energy back and the will to fight it. There are sites like “doctor yourself. Com” . The way i saw it was, it can only help.

I wish you all the best, at least have a look. Juicing is supposed to be really helpful as well. It seems to be about giving your body the means to fight back and help the healing process.

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Hi,You can manage fine on one lung (50 percent) wouldn't run a marathon though!

I was diagnosed with COPD at 53. Lung function 20 percent. Also found to have bronchiectisis. Already knew had Asthma.

After treatment at Royal Brompton got up to 32 percent.

This was in 2004.... l do struggle it's true BUT at 66yrs, guess what, still have 32percent!

Gave up smoking in 1993 (20yr habit of 40 daily) damage was already done but got pneumonia 2004 and paid private for Brompton top man.

Best £200 ever spent, transfered me back to NHS and has looked after me ever since.

If l were you, would ask for referral to specialist.

But l must tell you l was under a specialist locally in Herts. but didnt think he was helping enough!

DON'T SMOKE, take good care of yourself, especially when have a chest infection and ask about Pulmonary Rehab. I still go now and that been a life line too.

Chin up, you have your whole life in front of you!....

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Thanks guys, by no means am I giving up I will fight with everything I have. I saw my mother give up against emphasyma and how she has worsened kind of rolled over and accepted she can't do it anymore.

The person I saw was a respiratory consultant so will seek another's advice hopefully they will be more helpful

Thank you all for your replies it's nice to be able to at least open up about it a bit instead of trying desperately to hid it..



Never give up against COPD,,!

It's a worrying diagnosis in one so young, but just sitting in a chair is the worst thing you can do....Look what it did to Mum.

Use any method possible to live within your limits, be it wrapping up with scarf over mouth and nose or using scooter or if poss decamping to Spain during the virus season....

I understand that last one may be out of reach but lm in Spain now to miss the dreaded Aussie Flu....

Take extra care when kiddies got colds, shame to distance yourself but they will come to understand...

Plenty of hand washing too, soap and warm water for you and the kiddies!

GOOD LUCK, you can do it....



Janice well done for giving along with many others,some solid,sound advice. I have an ulterior motive,not just to congratulate you on your reply but because you say you leave for sunnier climates when our colder months are upon us....do you mind saying where you go and also do you use oxygen? I'm constantly wishing to spend some time abroad but am still at the gathering of first hand information.

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hi trust me i know how you feel i was 30 when i was diagnosed i have a 5 year old son and you just feel like everything is getting on top of you your health is getting worse i did still do sometimes im 31 now and i have really bad days but i take joy from the little thing i cant run about as much but i can cuddle on the sofa and do dvd with him it does feel like its bad some days my son seeing me be whisked away in an ambulance fighting for breath when i had pnumonia but there will be good days and even on the bad you just have to look forward dont give up look after yourself keep yourself well and dont take risks find a dr you can trust hate it when they talk to me like a child even had one locum tell me you dont have copd your to young the hospital and ur gp are wrong never saw him again

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