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Help with letting go of grief

Belleruth Naparstek has some beautiful words and music..I need them these days..I see that a few BLF friends have lost relatives, they may need them too..

I have to go up to Dad’s place today to meet his doctor who phoned me yesterday, because he was on holidays when Dad passed away. He said it would be good to talk. Not looking forward to it.

And yesterday two nurses phoned to tell me how much they missed him..The head nurse Sylvie wanted to know who to give his clothes to and said she couldn’t believe he had gone. Dad’s room was just in front of the nurses’s office so he used to come out for a chat..

And Anya, a Russian care assistant, phoned me, she had been away on holidays too. He wanted to learn a word of Russian every day, he always loved languages. I had made embroidery for her, she said she would treasure it.

People are kind.

Some Belleruth ‘s words and imagery..

« You suddenly realise you are not alone..

You see that you are surrounded by gentle loving beings...warming you with their protective presence

One of them softly approaches you, and with a deep gentle look straight into your eyes,..

sending comfort and solace deep into your heart, soft waves of nourishing comfort right into your heart,

soothing the torn jagged places,

Warming and softening all around the pain

And you can breathe more deeply

Feeling your body with this generous healing energy

Perhaps letting the tears begin to melt the armour around the heart

As the kind eyes gently looking at you nod and smile

Showing you that it is understood how much hurting you have done

The stony cold aloneness you have felt

The wordless ache of longing

The stinging regret

The disappointment of interrupted dreams

The pain is understood

Breathtakingly intense at one moment and heavy and dull the next

It is understood

All the fear, the anger, the pain

All of it is understood..

You feel compassion, forgiveness and reassurance..

And suddenly you are certain that there is a place

Where nothing is lost.. » 

More to listen to if you wish..

Love 💗


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Thinking of you today Fran as you go through this difficult journey. I won’t mention the “time” word as you will get there.

Thank you for sharing such lovely words, I think of all those l have lost.

Your dear dad certainly had people who cared about him at the home and family who loved him. He’s much missed.

Take care of yourself. Xxxxx💕💖😘


Thank you for your support and kind words Carole 🌟

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😘😘 💐Fran xx

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Lovely words, Fran ❤️ And we will always be here for you. Hope the visit to your father's doctor is helpful and also of some comfort. Take care of yourself, it will help you to feel stronger 💕

Lots of love, Penny 🌈🦋💐

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Thank you so much for being here for me during those difficult times Penny 🧚‍♀️⭐️🐬

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Happy,you where so tied up with the funeral arrangements that you haven't had time to sit back and even think about how you will cope with your dads passing but already kind and sympathetic words from people who recently cared for your dad are a source of comfort and will be in the future,try not to let your meeting with his doctor upset you and if they did wrong try to be constructive in your criticism and if all else fails drop one of dads book on his foot on leaving....................good luck and strength..Skis and scruffy xx


Thanks Skischool you are right..

It went well actually everybody was very kind, from the receptionist who brought him his paper in the morning, to the waiter who brought him his tray, everybody missed him..the nurses called me up I blew them kisses and said I didn’t have the strength to go up to the third floor, not this week anyway.

The doctor was tearful, he knew Dad was a patient at risk, well we all did..he explained the ripple effect of organ failure to me..he said pneumonia at 65, 70 you have a chance of survival, it is not the same as pneumonia at 88..anyway he was kind, listened while I got things off my chest..and gave me a prescription for Zopiclone so I can sleep!!

Lots of love to you and Scruffynounette xx



So glad your visit was a comfort as well as useful for the help with sleeping. Hope they help to relax you through the nights, Fran.....😴💕🌹🌺🌟

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Thanks Penny I’ll go to the chemist’s and get it today, I’ll give it a try but my respiratory specialist doesn’t like those hypnotics. I told the doctor he said this one is mild.

Have a good day 🍀☀️💕



Mmm that's a concern then. Perhaps for just very short term use, while you help yourself to recover? I really don't know enough to advise you. Is a second opinion possible, GP who knows you and your lung conditions maybe? The NHS site warns there might be problems for those with breathing issues. There appear to be two strengths, perhaps your Dad's Dr prescribed the half strength, 3.5mg? NHS says can be used just 2/3 nights to avoid side effects. Anyway, good luck but be careful to stay safe, Fran.

Love ❤️ 🌹🌟🏋🏻‍♀️🌈


Hope your ok Fran x x


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