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Cough Syncopy

Hi folks,

Last Thursday I had a bad coughing fit,one of many lately.I got up from my chair to get a drink, went dizzy and fell over. Luckily got an appoi tment with GP on same day. She informed me that I had cough Syncopy,sounded my chest,said it was clear. By coincidence I had an appointment with respiratory clinic on Monday 8th and saw the consultant. He told me I had a crackle on my chest and put me on 10 days of Antibiotics and Steroids. Regardind the Cough Syncopy he said that he might stop me from driving. If that happens it will be a disaster, and I'll be totally in a pickle.Has anyone here had their license revoked due to their illness.? And if so was it temporary or permanent?

Kind regards


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The significant factor is that you fainted when you got up. This is commonly because your blood pressure falls, it probably wouldn’t have happened had you remained sitting. It’s called vasovagal syncope and the DVLA don’t seem concerned about a one-off episode especially if it’s avoidable eg by remaining sitting down. Do that next time & see how it goes

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Yes, thank you, I'll see how it goes.I thought that the Doctor was a bit quick to decide that. Hope nothing comes of it.


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