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Sharp pains


I have a sharp pain which is also very tender to touch under my left breast , on the rib bone , it hurts when I breathe in deeply and every now and again it’s like a kick, I was in hospital with it fir a few days but nothing was found after X-ray and a d dimer scan, this has been going on since middle of November , went to go today as I can’t stand it anymore but was told just have to leave with the pain and take painkillers as could be pleural, in my my experience I thought pleural pain was on the side of your ribs , I have a mammogram in a couple of weeks so will put my mind st rest. Just can’t believe told to take painkillers but not find the cause for it .

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This just started with me a few days ago as well I see my lung Dr next week I'll let you know what I find out


Hi I had pain right rib was told pulled muscle was not happy with diagnosis so I paid privately for a abdominal ultrasound found stone in gallbladder not sure if you have had ultrasound done but if it carries on like mine did get it done good luck


Your pain is quite possibly intercostal in nature (muscle/tissue between the ribs). You mention an increase in pain when you press the rib; this is highly suggestive of an intercostal source for your discomfort. This type of pain is different from pleurisy which would be less localised and consist of a heavy, dull pain. I suspect there is little for you to worry yourself over especially as you have had a series of investigations and are due more. Stretching your back gently (both forwards, backwards and pivoting from side to side from your hips up) should help free up the muscle and relieve the pain you are experiencing. Lying on the floor with a thick book and cushion placed under your back directly opposite to the pain whilst simultaneously stretching your arms out along the floor above your head for five minutes 2 or 3 times a day will probably stop the pain in its tracks.



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