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Still going strong

Hi everyone.

I was diagnosed with emphysema 21 ( yes 21!!) years ago, when I was 50.

I was working in a factory making kitchen worktops, with sawdust in the air!

Left the company, after 18 years, and my breathing greatly improved.

If you get breathless, stop what you're doing, until you recover!

OK, I can't do some things I used to, but that comes with age anyway😴

PS. Since diagnosis, got bolts in spine and prostate cancer, but still going strong!

In the words of Sir Ringo, Peace and love.

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Hello Hidden .

How very extraordinary your life has been. Twenty one years! Are you On oxygen or do you manage without? Pretty amazing I'd say.

That's good advice about stopping. I often just carry on when I should stop. Thank you.

Best wishes to you.

Can xx 🌟


Hi,Caspiana. I'm not on oxygen. In fact most times when I see the doctor, they talk about my "Asthma" !!

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Forgot to say, I think trying to keep positive, looking for the "Funny Side" of life, seems to help. I know everyone's situation is different, and it's easier said than done. I grew up in Liverpool, where nothing is taken seriously, so maybe that helps!

Best wishes to everyone



Hi Oldscouse and welcome. Your post is so positive, it cheered me up.

I hope you come on and post often, often, the tips you'll have, on how you've done so well for all these years, will be invaluable. xx


Welcome Oldscouse!

Glad you are still going strong x


Hello and welcome to the forum. :)

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Hi Ali

Thanks for welcoming me into your gang.

Just hoping there is no initiation ceremony!

Sorry to hear one of the members has moved on.

Words of wisdom coming up, pin back your lug-holes!

DON'T dwell on what you can't do, think about what you CAN do.

I am still able to get out, so over the last year I joined a Ukulele Group and a Short Mat Bowls group!

I am one of the youngest at Bowls, some can't walk without crutches, others using inhalers, some can't get down to pick up their woods!

It does you good to see others " Keep on going"

Admittedly, in the Ukulele Group I'm one of the oldest, but they don't play anything prior to 1960, so that keeps me young.

I you're not mobile, is there something you fancy learning?

Art, music, your memoirs!

Soon be a new year, folks, with challenges good and bad.

Go for the good ones!



Peace and love to you too Hidden ! Sheila x


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