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Partially diagnosed; glad to have found this site!

Hi,, I'm Janice. Age: 74.. Ten months ago, during an office visit for sinus issues, it was noted that my oxygen sat was lower than usual and it was suggested that I monitor it. I did. Resting it was/is always upper 90's, standing stays in upper 90's, walking slowly 94-93; walking regular pace 50-60 ft. it falls often to 88-89. Fast forward: in late September as I was walking to my car in 93 degrees temp., I felt as if my heart had speeded up, so I put my oximeter on my finger: oxygen 82, heart rate was in mid 80's. Went to Dr., saw a nurse practioner. Spirometry was done: excellent; EKG: normal. I had to convince her to do a walk test, during which oxygen fell to 85 after 75to 80 ft.. She ordered supplemental oxygen 2 liters. Subsequently saw regular primary, who ordered ct-scan, aortic ultra sound. Blood work...Nothing out of ordinary. Recently saw pulmonologist. He pulled image from ct-scan up and he pointed out to me two Extremely small areas of emphysema in top of lung, one on each side. He does not believe they are enough to cause oxygen desaturation. Going for echocardiogram and a repeat of spirometry test in mid January. I am a former smoker, never a pack a day, but over many years. I quit several months before becoming aware of oxygen desaturation. Never one to consciously focus on health, I now believe that my subconscious must have been trying to tell me something. So, I do not have a detailed diagnosis. Emphysema is COPD, so I am here. I have been a voyeur here for over a month. Cannot recall how I found you, but so glad that I did. Thank you, J

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Hello Janice and welcome to the forum. :)

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Hello Janice 👋

Welcome to the forum. I'm glad you found us too. Please pop in often. It's such a good place to give and receive support.

Sending best wishes,

Can xx 🌹

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Welcome to the forum Janice. Hope you get a diagnosis for that desaturation..keep on pushing till you get answers x


Update:. ...went for spirometry repeat and the echocardiogram on Tuesday, then to pulmonologist yesterday for results. Heart...good, spirometry..everything good with exception of some number on diffusion section.So no real answer as to why my oxygen drops into 80's when I am walking more than just a few feet. Pulmo said will order a higher resolution scan to investigate diffusion. He said that my oxygen is not diffusing adequately into my blood which carries it out into the rest of my body. Scan will, hopefully, tell us why that is happening. Happy to know heart is good, no pulmonary hypertension, etc., and that pulmo says that emphysema is so minute that he does not believe it is causing drops. So, bottom line, diagnosis is still incomplete. Will appreciate hearing if other members have had difficulty getting diagnosis. Or if anyone can elaborate on diffusion. Will have to continue supplemental oxygen. Hoping someday to understand what is causing this condition. Wishing all a good day.


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