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Numbers literally driving me cuckoo bananas

Hi All, im 37 male. Recently had a spirimrtry and told I had mild copd. Very concerned. Can anyone help with these numbers. Iam Irish and cannot call blf:( also used numerous calculators and all come back normal. Resilts as follows:


Base 3.74, %Pr101FEV1

Base 3.74, %Pr101, predicted 3.70,Post 3.83,%pred104.



FEV1/FVC Base 79, predicted 81.post 79., predicted 3.70,Post 3.83,%pred104.



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Sorry guys. These are results


Base 3.74,, predicted 3.70,Post 3.83


base4.76 ,predicted4.43, post4.85

FEV1/FVC Base 79, predicted 81.post 79.


The predicted is the average results of a group of people your age, gender, race and height with no lung disease. You are above what would be expected or 'predicted' for someone your age, gender, race and height in both the FEV1 and the FVC. The FEV1/FVC is slightly below predicted but that is because your FVC is more above predicted that the FEV1 thus resulting in a slightly reduced ratio.

From my understanding your FEV1/FVC needs to be below 70%, and you need to have a reduced FEV1 to be diagnosed with COPD and as your FEV1 is above predicted and your FEV1/FVC ratio is above 70 it would appear you do not meet the criteria to be diagnosed with COPD, but I am not a doctor and it is always best to have a doctor with all of your results make a diagnosis.

You could certainly ask your doctor what that diagnosis of COPD is based on considering your spirometry "appears" to be normal, at least to a layman.

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Jackdup reply is good - your numbers that you post are within the normal range, so if they diagnose mild COPD then they are going on data you haven't posted.

Maybe the FEF 25-75 measure? ie flow rate in the middle/end section of your blow.

Or maybe the blow hysteresis (graphed shape).

And there's more to the diagnosis than when the numbers are marginal:

What symptoms necessitated spirometry?

How much & how long have you been smoking?


Hi Guys, thank you for reply.

I travel alot so spirometry was not done by my own gp. I had some chest pains which let to stress test andspirometry. The chest pains have subsided. (Stress apparently). I am a light smoker. 2-4. Have quit now. I am 37 and presume diagnosis is possibly apparent to my age.

Thanks guys for your input. Hugely appreciated


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