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Dry Drowning

Hi i got a problem about being drowned even im not in the water,, i got this feeling almost everyday, as far as i remember i was prescribed to have an x-ray because i had a hard time breathing, i have anxiety and sweats a lot even im only sitting, because i was scared i didnt go to have an xray, So just wanted to asked what kind of illness im experiencing right now... Thank you

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Hello Hinakura and welcome to the forum. We do not have medical personnel here and the only person who can offer you an accurate diagnosis is your doctor. Do remember though that being anxious can have an impact on your breathing even when nothing else is wrong. Go ahead and rebook the x-ray, find out what (if anything) is wrong and then talk to your doctor about any treatment you may need. We have members here with all kinds of lung conditions and they will be happy to offer you support but they cannot tell you what is causing your problems. :)


Thanks Mrsmummy, last week i was diagnosed having a chronic cryptic tonsillitis and was told i might have a rheumatic heart disease by a specialist, so since my doctor was still not around til monday ill asked to resched the xray.. Thank you for responding


Hello Hinakura .

I'm so sorry you're feeling that way. How distressing for you. I can only imagine how anxious you must be.

I'm afraid no one here will be able to tell you what kind of illness you have. You'd have to see a doctor and undergo testing to get a proper diagnosis. I know it seems very overwhelming and we usually think of the worse possible scenarios. But I think if you get tested and start to get some help for your anxiety and other possible issues , step by step you will feel better.

If you are anxious about testing and seeing a doctor, ask a family member or trusted friend to come along with you to the appointment. It's okay to ask for help and support. Baby steps. 💖

Thinking of you.

Cas xx 🌿


Hi cas, i appreciate ur reply, ive seek advice from a family member sadly i just got more anxious when they start worrying and told me things that scares me most.. But ill try my best to get better and better. Thank you :* :*


Oh no Hinakura .

I really hope you can find some answers soon. Please let us know how it goes if you'd like to.

Sending best wishes.

Cas xx 🎶


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