Center Parcs

Currently sat in star bucks watching a he world go by 😊 further into the plaza the humidity is playing havoc with my chest making it hard work to walk so just doing it slowly , all the Christmas Dec’s are up and it looks lovely although too early in my opinion , my sons and hubby have gone swimming so shortly I shall be having a wander round the shops looking for some nuts and pieces for Christmas 😊

Hope everyone is having a good day inspire of any struggles

Love to you all if I get to the winter wonderland outside I will take some pictures and post later on today or tomorrow


Cales xx

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I love winter wonderland please do x

Obviously I’m NOT looking for nuts lol predictive txt tends to get me in all sorts of trouble at times xx

You take care cales. Which Centre Parcs are you at? Xxxxx

Longleat one 😊 quite nice but spread out it’s the only center parcs that has a landtrain so fortunately I will be getting that to go to and from the Sports Cafe for dinner 😊

Our daughter usually goes to Elveden and said Longleat is huge and thank goodness for the land train. Xxxx

Enjoy your wander around the shops, I hope that you find some lovely things. XXX

Thankyou for your post - good luck shopping!

Hope you have had a lovely day and thank goodness for land train by the sound of it I wish there had been one at whinfield i used to love going on little trains in holiday resorts x

Hope you enjoyed your stay! I was at longleat in march this year and hadn't yet been diagnosed with Copd. I couldn't have managed without the land train and found the heat and humidity in the centre quite uncomfortable too. I seem to recall sitting there with a silk scarf wrapped round my face and getting lots of funny looks πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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